[IS-7165] – Harvest: Changes in follow-up registration via mobility


  1. When performing follow-up registration in lead mode all equipment of all available families are displayed and not only the configured equipment.
  2. Duplicity of land use in its attachment.
  3. Loss of land use and equipment fixed filter. When attaching a land use, an equipment or both the scheduled operations listing is not filtering.
  4. In the lead mode form, if there is more than one equipment to select this field must not be filled automatically.

Adopted Solution

  • Added correction so that the equipment is presented according to the system parameterization (as it’s done on the web screen).
  • Adjust to only show the land use one time in the attachment feature.
  • When attaching a land use or an equipment the scheduled operation list will be filtered. Attaching an equipment will automatically select the equipment on the form (lead mode).
  • If exists more than one equipment available the field will not be filled, but when exists only one equipment or an attached equipment this field will be filled automatically.


[IS-6694] – Silviculture: Losing users’ reference in follow-up

When transferring notes via Bluetooth to the leader’s cell phone, the notes were grouped by Scheduled Operation. In this way, the user’s pointing device data was lost. A parameter has been created to control whether follow-up’s should be grouped after integration via Bluetooth.

[IS-6747] – Silviculture: Leaderless Team Reading

In the application of Silviculture Follow-Up, in the Menu screen, in the field “Team”, when selecting a team that that has no value in the description field, the selection field remains blank, making it impossible to know if the team was selected. Consequently, on the workforce follow-up screen, employees were not displayed in the listing.When the Team has no value in the description field, the team code will be adopted as a description.

[IS-7826] – Silviculture: Approval with Incident

In the Silviculture approval application, in the approval with incident screen, the flags “Realize Payment” and “Material write off” are unmarked, by default, differently from SGF. The flags “Realize Payment” and “Material write off” will be marked by default, as well as in the SGF.

[IS-7827] – Silviculture: Editable Operation Type

By approving, disapproving, or canceling a follow-up, it is possible to change the type of operation. In the occurrence screen, the type of operation field has been blocked, only displaying the previously chosen type.