[IS-7610]- Mobile Silviculture: Block selection of productivity rate on mobile

It is currently possible to change the Productivity rate field in the mobile application, regardless of whether it is an internal user. The SGF rule will be taken to mobile application. The Productivity rate field will only be editable if the parameter is enabled and if the user is internal.

[IS-8636] – Mobile Databridge: Unable to update data

When an error occurs when downloading master data in the DataBridge application, the log data is not written to the HUB, leaving several processing open and making it difficult to identify the cause of the error. The error handling will be the same as that used in other HUB data traffic methods, recording the result of the processing or the error in the log and finishing the processing.

[IS-9159] – Mobile: Outdated application version in HUB

When downloading new version of the Silviculture Follow-up and Approval of Silviculture the information of the new version does not reach the HUB. It is necessary to inform the version whenever data is transmitted. After each data synchronization with the HUB the current version of the app will be sent, keeping HUB control always updated.

[IS-9158] – Approval Silviculture: Error downloading user data

When downloading user data in the Silviculture Approval application error occurs. Users who missed the password a few times and blocked are coming to mobile with an empty password, causing error. Users with blocked passwords will no longer be considered for the mobile, being sent only those with password filled.

[IS-8934] – Harvest: Problem when pinning equipment on harvest app

Harvest app crashes when trying to pin an equipment with none available. Adjusted so that the system correctly interprets the situation of not having equipment to be pinned.

[IS-8905] – Silviculture: Incorrect value in the material follow-up listing

Amount of each material is appearing added (total of all materials of the follow-up) in the material follow-up listing screen. The grouping method used on the material follow-up screen has been changed to correctly display the grouped values by material.

[IS-8904] – Mobile Silviculture: Error when grouping follow-ups after Bluetooth transfer

When transferring follow-ups via Bluetooth and grouping them, only the Equipment resources are grouped, the others are lost. All resource follow-ups will be included in the destination follow-up when transferring notes via Bluetooth and group them together.

[IS-8902] – Mobile Silviculture: Dialog “Loading” disappears when downloading Work Order

When downloading work order, if the device screen goes out, the “Loading” dialog disappears. The “Loading” dialog will remain open while the work order download request is processed. The dialog will disappear after processing only.

[IS-9367] – Mobile Silviculture: Required field is ignored

Responsible Field is not required on the follow-up screen. Responsible Field became mandatory, obeying the same SGF rule.