[IS-6853] – Own company responsible does not appear on mobile in another vendor’s OS

In the Silviculture application, in the follow-up screen, the Responsible list does not display employees associated with their own company. Only the employees of the selected OS provider are displayed. In the list of Supervisors, all supervisors are displayed, whether they are own company, associated with the OS vendor, or associated with the vendor of another OS. For both Resposible and Supervisor, all employees associated with the selected OS provider and those associated with own company suppliers will be displayed.

[IS-6861] – Problem importing HUB Connector

When importing a connector on HUB, an action duplicity error occurs even when the duplicated action belongs to another connector. It will be possible to import connector into HUB, even if it has a layout with duplicated action in another connector.

[IS-8511] – Mobile Approval: User/Date are not saved in the Process Data screen

In the processing mobile approval data screen, when processing records processing user and date are not saved. In addition, the user who performs the import appears in the follow-up as an approving user. The approver user field is now being sent by the application. The processing user and date are now recorded by the processing routine. And a parameter was created to decide whether the approving user that is written to the follow-up is the user indicated by the mobile application or the user responsible for the import.

[IS-8903] – Mobile Silviculture: Bluetooth device list does not update

When accessing HUB Mobile and updating the list of Bluetooth devices nothing happens in newer versions of Android (Android> 6.0). Only paired devices are displayed. The required permission to search for devices via Bluetooth will be included in the real-time requested list of permissions. These permissions are required when launching the application and are required on newer versions of Android.

[IS-8906] – Silviculture: Error synchronizing follow-ups via Bluetooth

When transferring follow-ups to the leader’s cell phone via Bluetooth synchronization error occurs in versions that use SAP backend. Cases were treated where columns do not exist or are not sent during Bluetooth transfer.


[IS-8353] – Quality Mobility: Performance improvement

At the time of downloading the quality service order the system is taking a long time to complete the operation. The consultants responsible for generating the database were all analyzed and the downtime significantly improved. In addition, data that is not associated with the selected OS is no longer being sent to the database.