Who is Flora? Meet our Virtual Assistant using AI.

Maybe you already listened or used some Virtual Assistant like Google Home, Siri, Cortana or said a: “OK, Google” or “Hello Siri” in your Android or iOS Device.

Thinking in make our users life easier and create a way that our system can answer question and check inconsistencies or monitor behavior and performances in a proactive way we created Flora, that will support them using new concepts like chat bot and IA.

How it works?

With a few commands the users can have KPIs or Analyses presented in the screen and Flora will alert the users when something are wrong or for subjects that require their attention.

KPIs like team performance decrease, scheduled payments that don’t fit with the average values per contractors, rates adjustment closing periods, etc will be monitored and the users will be warned every time that something goes wrong or appear to be wrong.

INFLOR Forest Transformation

The new version of INFLOR Forest will be made available A nova versão do INFLOR Florest will be made available gradually for all customers of our Standard product. You will soon be able to see Flora in your system, you will interact with her and tell us

Soon, you will see Flora in your system, you can interact with her and tell us, or to Flora herself, how was your experience using her services.

Next Steps

Based on users’ interactions, Flora will be trained to present the most relevant information regarding the modules of the system, as well as learning to do new analyzes and actions in INFLOR Forest.

Analytics: Release Notes – 2019, March


The INFLOR Analytics was developed to allow the end user to evaluate data and get insights thru BI tools creating KPIs and Dashboards in a easy and efficient way.

How can be done?

The INFLOR Analytics offers a secure Datawarehouse in the cloud with all the relevant forest information in a friendly format that allow the users to connect any market BI tool like Power BI, Tableau, QlikView and others and generate their own reports and dashboards without INFLOR support.

Transportation – Product Mix

You are allowed to mix product in the pile (BOX). The box was created with product, however it was allowed to unload a truck of different product in that box. In the patio configuration a product mixing rule was created that enables or disables product mixes.


Service request

[IS-9369] – Harvest: Adjustment in “Harvest – Stock” and “Harvest – General Reports” cubes

“Harvest – Stock” and “Harvest – General Reports” cubes show inventory (PHI – pre-harvest inventory) information from harvest sequence’s scheduled amount. So, some analysis (in harvest sequence distribution case) are not showing this information in best way. We’ve added “Total PHI – Cut”, “Cut Percentage (Total)” and “PHI Total” columns in “Harvest – Stock” cube and “PHI Total” in “Harvest – General Reports” cube. Those new columns show total inventory for harvest sequence’s product and sub-compartment.

[IS-9148] – Historical Prices

[IS-9062] – Administrative Register / Resources / Resources / Inputs / Request for Purchase of Inputs [9003]

[IS-8988] – Segregation by Management Unit of the contracts screen

[IS-8886] – [67464] – Error addressing service – SGF

[IS-8344] – Plantio projected – budget plan


[ISTD-2965] – OS per front operation on data load

[ISTD-2964] – Harvest / Silviculture – Adjust on Operational Base generation from Harvest

Silviculture / Operational / Plans / Operational Base / Create Projected SC based Harv. Planning” and “Silviculture / Operational / Plans / Operational Base / Update Projected SC based on Harv. Planning” screens doesn’t allow to fill Genus and Specie fields. Allow fill in Genus and Specie fields based on “Silviculture / Operational / Plans / Operational Base / Generate Projected Sub-compartment” screen.

[ISTD-1617] – Error Reporting “Prescription Compliance”

[IS-9653] – Transportation: Panel Wood Yard

The “Legend” panel is getting misaligned and the “Product Type” field is not reloading when changing Location. Align the “Legend” panel and reload the “Product Type” by changing Location.

[IS-9570] – Transportation: Problems on Follow up dates change

System allowed to change the dates of follow ups to dates already closed on Closing Period, which caused inconsistencies on the process. It will not be possible to change the dates of Follow ups to dates already closed on Closing Perriod.

[IS-9542] – [69667] – Error exporting the crop bucket.

[IS-9492] – Transportation: Follow-up processing

A performance problem was observed when applying the filter of one month with the hourly detailing. Due to a specific system situation, there may be more than one pending sampling for the same origin. In this case, the system was not performing the follow-up processing that entered the yard and the yard queue continued without displaying the trucks with registered weighin.

[IS-9454] – Freight Ranking by Truck

The Truck Freight Ranking report is not bringing the equipment of other management units, only to the Três Marias unit. Correction of the query of the report so that there is no distinction of management unit and that only brings finished follow ups.

[IS-9430] – Transport: Pile closing performing improper adjustment

When performing the initial pile closing, the system was mistakenly generating adjustment movements for these piles. Pile closing will not perform volume adjustment on the initial piles.

[IS-9381] – Harvest: Harvest Stock Cube Adjustment

Harvest stock cube is not considering system parameterization that says if is wanted to show negative values on stock. Harvest stock cube has changed. So it’s now considering the parameterization like others stock reports.

[IS-9240] – Harvest: Adjustment in follow-up registration via mobility

The system is not showing validation messages when mobility follow-up work order is inactive. In this case the follow-up is ignored and not processed. The system must validate the mobility follow-up work order and show any pertinent an error message (not ignoring it).

[IS-9125] – Transportation: Problems creating third party depot

On third party depot screen it is not possible to select the management unit. The filter for Management Unit field was using the supplier selected on “Supplier” field to search for the units, which was not selecting any records. For now on, it will be used the supplier selected on “Company” field to search for the correct management units.

[IS-9073] – Harvest: Problem in Silviculture pending activities cube data

Silviculture pending activities cube have a problem with data generation. It’s not considering the same rules as “close day” functionality in operational calendar. This cube must use the same rules as “close day” functionality.

[IS-9060] – Administrative Register: error after saving new cost center 9088

The functionality 9088 (Administrative Register / Master Data / Financial Link / Cost Center Registration) dont save the kind of cost center. An unscheduled correction was performed for the system to differentiate the kind of cost center.

[IS-9059] – Error integration of suppliers and contracts ERP x SGF

When executing the master data download interface, there is an error when registering the supplier, because there is a divergence in the city name accentuation, generating the error of locale not found.

Then there is an error trying to create the contract because it cannot find the provider, which was not created above, generating a vendor error not found.

The error presented in the processing log is the second error (provider not found), making it impossible for the user to find the real problem that the locale was not found.

The routine for downloading physical and legal persons was corrected so that, in case of divergence in the locality data, write the log related to this problem in the processing log

[IS-8968] – Sale: Invoice Cancellation Interface

Canceled invoices were not being sent to ERP via Interface. Correct “Join” with the “Material” table of the canceled invoice dispatch routine.

[IS-8821] – Harvest: Adjustment on Pile Measurement Follow-Up

Inserting a Pile Measurement Follow-Up was triggering some unnecessary validations, generating erros on the scrren. An adjustment was made so only the necessary rules are triggered for this kind of follow-up. Validations:

  • Sub-pile Id must be unique;
  • Measured volume must be greater than zero;
  • Operation must not have ended (operation finished date – Harvest / Control / Follow-Ups / Finished Operations);
  • Reporting period must be opened;
  • A Measurement Factor has to exists;
  • Measure execution date must be after Forwarding operation date.

[IS-8741] – Silviculture: It is not showing the error logs in the grid, in the plan calculation screen

The plan calculation screen is not displaying the process log due to an error in loading the log grid. Now the log grid will display the error information from the plan calculation correctly.

[IS-8680] – Harvest: Views performance adjustment – SEGX

“VW_CUBO_COL_SEGX_COST” and “VW_CUBO_COL_SEGX_COST_CONS” database views have some performance issues (not returning data or returning with very long delay). These views have been optimized and now the data is being acquired in more optimized way.

[IS-8624] – Sale: Sales Order Balance

Routine that adjusts the balance of the sales order is executed every 30 seconds, so if I generate an invoice in this interval, the order balance may be incorrect, making it possible to use a sales order without a balance. The balance of the sales order will be updated immediately after the invoice generation.

Note: Invoice is specific to Brazil.

[IS-8519] – Microcad error

There is an error when generating the operational base of the operational plan, with a harvest scenario, when some sub-compartment has already been projected in another plan. The problem was solved.

[IS-8471] – Transportation: Date End Price Table

You are not allowed to change the end date of the price table. Adjust date validation of the “price table” and “price”.

[IS-8464] – Sale: Product in Transportation Follow-up

When you generate an invoice, the Transportation Follow-up is getting the product empty. Save the product on the Transportation Follow-up when generating an invoice.

[IS-8452] – Timeout in the calculation of the operational plan

The operational plan calculation is taking a long time to execute, depending of the number of sub compartments and operations of the company, occurring timeout in some cases. The entire plan calculation routine was reviewed to run faster and optimized.

[IS-8393] – Silviculture: Production informative

The production information report uses a method where it generated an internal error in the report component when the user attempted to export the report in Excel format. This error comes from the framework that the system uses to generate the reports. The way the report performs the export has changed. Now, the report will not use the framework method to perform the export in Excel. And yes, the new export method.

[IS-8223] – Interface: Processes were in the “Running” status and were not finalized 4904

A Report 4904 (Administração /Interfaces / Interface EAI) When executing an interface the .NET session fell and processing continued with the “Running” Status. The routine that identifies obsolete processing and changes its status to “Processed” has been added to the JOB of the EAI, so the interface can be run again.

[IS-8004] – Transportation: Yard Queue Panel

For transportation using Delivery Notes, the Yard Queue Panel screen was displaying a paging error when applying a filter per TO and management unit after updating a delivery note in screen. Corrections were made and editing of delivery note in the yard queue panel will not be prevented by paging errors.

[IS-7953] – Security: System email function enhancement

When closing an operation, the Closed Operation flag is not being flagged. This is because programming has not been performed for this behavior to occur in the system. With the improvement, the routine can be configured to send the emails the moment it is requested or store the emails in a temporary table to be sent by a routine after.

[IS-7688] – Transport: Weighing module is using “used” documents for release

When downloading vehicle releases from MIS to the weighing module, the system was not comparing the finished releases correctly, so that they were not updated in the weighing module database and the document remained “Released”. The synchronization of vehicle releases has been adjusted to search for the correct intersection between MIS and weighing module, so that status updates can be made correctly.


[IS-9654] – Transportation: Report Wood Entry

When selecting the Product Type and Property filters the report is not being generated. Correct the Product and Property Type filters.

[IS-8946] – Activity lock from one operational plan to another

The manual insertion of operations in the operational plan is not respecting the rule of the validity operation of the prescription when dealing with different plans. The manual insert of operations routine in the plan has been adjusted to consider the period of validity of the operations, even if the operation is being inserted in a plane different from the plane in which the operation was originally inserted.

[IS-8945] – Divergence OS SGF Web and APP aptation

Some scheduled operations were referencing an operational plan, but were associated with a work order from another plan
Two problems were detected:

  • When the user transfers the operations of the recommendation interfaces to the work orders, it is possible to transfer the operations to work orders from a different plan than the import process of the interfaces. This bug has been fixed.
  • On the work order screen, it is possible for the user to change the operating plan of the work order, which may have caused the problem. The work order screen has been changed so it is not possible to change the plan of a work order already created.

[IS-7908] – Add “Cluster” attribute to GISCAF export layer view

The VW_GIS_SC_DETAIL don’t show the “cluster” attribute. View VW_GIS_SC_DETAIL updated to show “id_gleba” and “dcr_gleba” collumns.

[IS-7748] – Silviculture: Interface Log Screen

When the low material interface was executed and a record obtained a status as ERROR, a duplicate error log is being generated. The system will only take into account the error logs related to the mirror table of the interface. This will not display the number of duplicate errors.

[IS-6111] – Transport payment interface problem

In the payment integration, when the operations performed had their contract items subsequently inactivated in ERP, the system tries to integrate the request and ERP returns error. An adaptation was made in the system to, when this situation occurs, the system always searches for the active price tables of the SGF, referring to the active contract items in ERP. Therefore, even if there is a contract change in ERP, the system will always consider the active item. However, if there are two active items for the same center, the interface will return error, and you will need to adjust the contract in ERP.

Other enhancements

[ISTD-1825] – Land: invasion registry

A cube is missing that relates data from occurrences of invasion with the DOCTERRA records. A cube was created that relates data from occurrences of invasion with the DOCTERRA records.

[ISTD-982] – Transportation: New fields on Follow Up report

The purpose of this improvement is to make available more information on the follow up report.Previously, it was not possible to know some of the truck data, as tare and maximum gross weight allowed, which had impact on the truck loading. For some customers, two new fields were added (“Last Tare” and “Load Limit”), informing the tare of the last trip made by the truck, and the maximum net weight allowed, so that when loading the truck, it will not overcome the limit gross weight allowed by law.

How to use
When releasing a truck on weighing module, or getting the 4th copy of the follow up, those fields will be presented on the report. But, this improvement was added only for some customers, so it will be necessary to contact Inflor if this improvement is needed.

[ISTD-979] – Transportation: Distances registration for Payment of External Woodyard

The purpose of this improvement is to allow the payment of follow ups originating from an external woodyard. Previously, MIS allowed the registration of distances considering only places of origin and destination. As the external woodyards correspond to the same place of origin and destination, it was only possible to register a single distance. There will be a new tab in the distance register (“Pile”) that, for origin and destination in Consumption Center, or origin in Third Party Yard, it will be possible to indicate the distance from the origin pile, not just the place of origin. Each pile of the external yard can have its own distance from the mill configured, allowing differentiated payment.

How to use
MIS – Distance registration

To access the new distance register simply access the ” MIS / Transportation / Configuration / Wood Movement / Distance [4713]” screen and select a section to view the available Places / Piles for distance registration.

  • If the origin of the selected section is “Forest”, the “Places” tab will be populated (initial “Search” mode) with all the available sub compartments as origin for the distance register.
  •  If the source and destination of the selected section is “Consumption Center”, or if the source is “Third-party Woodyard”, the “Pile” tab will display the available yards and piles as the source for the distance register (initial “Search” mode).
    To register the distance, the functionality remains the same. You will need to enter the values in the indicated fields, select the Place or Pile to which this distance will be associated and click the “Apply” button.

[ISTD-278] – Sale: Performance gives Invoice

Performance in Invoice Release. Improve Performance in Invoice Release.

Note: Invoice is specific to Brazil.