What’s new in INFLOR Forest?

See the new INFLOR Forest updates available in this Quarterly Release.

INFLOR Analytics

In order to enable its customers to create dashboards and reports independently, easily and quickly, INFLOR launched the INFLOR Analytics module in the last quarterly release (March 2019). In this release, we are expanding the processes displayed in: Forestry Registration, Silviculture, Harvest, Transportation, Inventory and Biological Asset.

This module consists of the development of a Datawarehouse, with relevant system information, available in a simple and clear way so that the users can consume it through the BI software used in their company (Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, etc.).

INFLOR Analytics can be used either on premises (Client’s installation) or Cloud.


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Report’s Example:

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Attention: In order to use this feature, you must contact the INFLOR Sales Department.

INFLOR Academy (EAD)

INFLOR is launching its distance learning portal, INFLOR Academy, which can be accessed through the link www.infloracademy.com.br.

INFLOR Academy’s main purpose is to train people in the use of INFLOR systems, through quality content that addresses technical and process issues. Our methodology uses simple and objective language to facilitate learning. The courses are intended for users, professionals in the forestry sector, students and INFLOR’s own employees.

The following courses are already available: Forest Registry, Standard Process and Silviculture.

*Version only in Portuguese

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Attention: In order to use this feature, you must contact the INFLOR Sales Department.

Transportation: Pivotex Automation

The purpose of this improvement is to allow MIS to have automation processes with Pivotex equipment to benchmark weights and calculate the RPV for the samples.

Previously the system did not allow to automatically create the activities and benchmark the weights on Pivotex.

It will be possible to create Pivotex equipments and create activities automatically for the yard cranes to calculate the RPV, claw compensation and pivotex calibration.

How to use
On “MIS / Transportation / Configuration / Register / Road Balance” screen it will be possible to configure the Pivotex scales, through a new Scale Type called “Pivotex”.

Image 06

It was created a new screen “MIS / Transportation / Control / Control / Pivotex Center”, where it will be created all the Pivotex associated to the new scales with Scale Type “Pivotex”.

Image 07

On this screen it will be possible to create activities of Pivotex Calibration and Claw Compensation for the cranes to each Pivotex created, and benchmark the weights necessary to the activities, if it is not possible to use the crane collector to obtain the weights automatically.

Image 08

Image 09

When creating and activity on screen “MIS / Transportation / Control / Control / Pivotex Center”, it will be automatically sent to the crane collector corresponding to the equipment associated to the activity.

Image 10

Still on screen “MIS / Transportation / Control / Control / Pivotex Center” it will be possible to configure a range of values to the benchmarked weights and calculation results. On these configurations, it will be possible to associate an e-mail list, which users will receive a notification e-mail if the calculations are out of the configured range.

Image 11

The e-mail lists can be created on “MIS / Transportation / Configuration / Register / Email Submission List”. To each list it can be associated one or more users.

Image 12

On screen “MIS / Transportation / Control / Control / Wood Sample Control” there will be a new sampling type called “Pivotex with Automation”. To samples with this type, there will also be activities that will be created automatically when receiving a truck and sent to the cranes, so that the weights can be benchmarked for the RPV calculation.

Image 13

To this activity, all cranes will receive the activity automatically, so it can be done by any crane.

Image 14

To RPV, Pivotex Calibration and Claw Compensation activities there will be an approval flow which, when approved, the activity will consolidate all the calculated values.

Attention: In order to use this feature, you must contact the INFLOR Sales Department.

Transportation: Market wood purchasing

The purpose of this improvement is to allow the system to receive the timber from the market. Previously the system did not allow a truck without vehicle release to be received at Mill. The possible origins of the trips were External Yard, Forest or Intermediate Depot.

Two new scenarios regarding the purchase of market timber will be allowed:

  1. Receipt of truck already loaded, with invoice.
  2. Release of vehicle to search for wood directly at the supplier.

How to use
In the screens ” MIS / Administrative Register / Business Contacts / All Related Individuals” and ” MIS / Administrative Register / Business Contacts / All Related Companies” it will be possible to include Business Contacts in the system. These Business Contacts will be the suppliers of market wood, and will have the “Origin MIS” field marked “yes” automatically.

Image 15

Image 16

In the screens ” MIS / Transportation / Configuration / Depot / Third party deposit register” and ” MIS / Transportation / Configuration / Depot / Piles – origin/source third party deposit” screen, it will be possible to create and configure new yards and piles respectively, which will be used as market wood. In the screen ” Piles – origin/source third party deposit” is made the register of the characteristics, certifications, species and genetic material of the wood.

Image 17

Image 18

In the ” MIS / Transportation / Control / Fiscal Documents / Lots” screen, the series of documents that will be used for these follow ups is made. The “Goal” of the series should be “Wood Purchase” for purchases without vehicle release, and “Conventional Transportation” for purchases with vehicle release. The Local Type should be “Third Parties Yard”. Suppliers of this type of wood are associated with the series in the “Restriction by Transportation Supplier” tab.

Image 19

In the ” MIS / Transportation / Configuration / Register / Supply Type” screen you can enter the supply types for these series.

Image 20

In the weighing module, it will be possible to receive trucks directly on the weighing screen, without vehicle release. For this, it is necessary to inform the number and volume of the invoice that is arriving at the factory.

Image 21

It is also possible to issue a vehicle release for the truck to fetch this wood. Just inform the origin as “Third Parties Yard”.

Image 22

The end trip is normally carried out according to conventional transport.

The reports: “Monitoring of Received and Determined Volumes”, “Wood Entry”, “Production by City” and “Wood Credit Report” will display the data referring to the wood post factory follow ups.

Image 23

The “Transport / Control / Closing / Wood Purchase / Complementary Note” screen will display the factory-installed follow ups that were issued without vehicle release.

Image 24

The “Transport / Control / Closing / Wood Buying / Totalizing Note” screen will display the factory-installed follow ups that were issued with vehicle release.

Image 25

In these two screens, the “Operational Follow Up” button will display a summary report.

To view the notes separately by city for total or complementary notes, simply go to the “Invoice Grouping” tab.

Attention: In order to use this feature, you must contact the INFLOR Sales Department.

Transportation: INFLOR Forest – Input interface for packing lists from third-party system

The purpose of this improvement is to be inserted packing lists inside INFLOR Forest through a webservice that can be consumed by third party companies.

Previously the system just allowed to be inserted packing lists through INFLOR Forest screen.

It will be allowed that third party systems sent packing list data to INFLOR Forest through a webservice. As soon as created, INFLOR Forest will return the series and document number used for creating the packing list, and it can be used by webservice customer as needed.

Besides, it was inserted a new type of transportation stretch called “Client x Client”, and the packing lists can already be inserted at this new modality.

How to use
The calls to the webservice methods will be realized using a JSON structure with all packing list data, and INFLOR Forest will automatically create the packing lists on the system, along with its dependencies.

After creation the packing list, the webservice will also return a JSON structure wit the series and document information referring to the packing list created.

If the packing list is created without any errors, the packing list data will be seen normally on screens “Sale Wood / Control / Control / Packing List”, “Sale Wood / Control / Control / Document Approval”, “Sale Wood / Control / Closing / Payment Process” and transportation data cubes.

The execution logs can be checked on screen “MIS / Management / Interface / EAI Interface”, inside the daily processings of interface “addPackingList”.

Attention: In order to use this feature, you must contact the INFLOR Sales Department.


Authorized Service Requests

[IS-7475] – Improvement in the association of land documents

It is not allowed to insert land documents without associating properties to the land contracts.

Adopted Solution
Screen adjusted to remove dependency between documents and properties. Both tables will be directly associated to Contracts.

[IS-4345] – Transportation: Report Chipper Consumpetion

The purpose of this improvement is to include the “Property Values” filter for the “From – Consumption Center” filter. The “Property Values” filter is only applied to “From – Forest”.

Adopted Solution
After the implementation of this improvement, it will be possible to identify by “Property Values” the amount of wood from the consumption center that went to the chopping tables.

[IS-3527] – Transportation: Changing the Composition Type of a follow-up transportation

The purpose of this improvement is to allow changing the composition type of a follow-up transportation. It is not possible to change the composition type of a one follow-up transportation.

Adopted Solution
After the implementation of this improvement, when updating the truck of the follow-up transportation, will also be updated the composition and the composition type.

[IS-2297] – Transportation: Volume Comparison Received at the Factory

The purpose of this improvement is to make the “Volume Comparison Received at the Factory” report display more complete information by adding the “Product” and “Difference between IPC and Pivotex” columns. Previously the report did not have the product, property and volume difference (m³sc) information.

Adopted Solution
The “Product” and “Property Values” fields were included in the report filters. In the report body, the columns “Product” and “Difference between IPC and Pivotex” were included. Thus, it will be possible to show the difference between transport and IPC more easily, within the report itself, and it is not necessary to obtain this data through cubes.


[IS-12664] – Silviculture: Transfer Service Order

Reported Scenario
After access in Silviculture/ Programming / Service Order / Transfer Between OS [1790] a customer selects the operational plan and the operational plan and a Work Order. The system has displayed the operations programmed for this OS, however the user can’t select one of them because the selection flag is disabled.

Adopted solution
The part that makes a comparison of the field VlrProducaoRealizada where it can not equal 100 has been removed from the code. The removal is due to the fact that all operations that appear in this table are apt to be transferred.

[IS-12358] – E-mail interface packinglist

Reported Scenario
The body limit of the email body is being exceeded, so the email is not being sent.

Adopted Solution
Apply character limit to the body of the email and put an informational message at the end of the email.

[IS-12311] – Transportation: Error calculating payment process

Reported Scenario
An error occurred while calculating the transport payment process because of a column that didn’t have the reference table alias.

Adopted Solution
Added table reference in the function responsible for performing the calculation.

[IS-12308] – Error while editing bulletin with free cost center

Reported Scenario
By pointing to operations set to “Free Cost Center”, the SGF bulletin screen displays a “…” button that opens a popup and allows users to choose the Cost Center for cost allocation of the bulletin (or even even split into multiple CCs). Usually these are operations that are Avulsed and are pointed at the Project or Region level.

Adopted Solution
A check has been inserted for the button to appear when the bulletin is indefinite

[IS-12258] – Edit Distance

Reported Scenario
When editing a distance is displaying error message (The informed date overlay na already register value), even I try only a registered distance.

Adopted Solution
Correct date validation of distances.

[IS-12203] – Editing the expiration date of the selling packinglist without invoice

Reported Scenario
You can not change the expiration date of the packinglist in the document change / approval screen.

Adopted Solution
Include expiration date field for issue of packinglist without invoice.

[IS-12199] – Pile measurement follow-up requesting approval when closing a period

Reported Scenario
Editing any pile measurement follow-up make the system to do not allow to close a period, showing that exists follow-up without approval.

Adopted Solution
Pile measurement follow-up must be automatically approved and editing them has to do not generate any pending approval.

[IS-12141] – Bulletin boarding exceeds area of ​​field and SGF allows

Reported Scenario
The Mobile data import is not validating error cases when pointing the operated area greater than the expected area after the first validation.

Adopted Solution
The validation of the operated area greater than the expected area is being performed correctly, regardless of when the validation is performed.

[IS-12112] – DAO correction of the material registration screen

Reported Scenario
Corrected DAO of the material record screen was requested by adjusting the input value of column “Material Identifier” to the column size limit.

Adopted Solution
All of the DAO fields of the material screen (Administrative Master / Features / Resources / Material / Materials) have been revised to be compatible with the size of the field in the database.

[IS-12109] – Duplication of inputs in OS creation / indication

Reported Scenario
System was generating purchase order items to send to SAP also considering consolidated notes that were held in the payment process.

Adopted Solution
The interface routine has been changed so that only payment process items that are not retained are sent to SAP to create the purchase order.

[IS-12093] – Transportation: City Validation and Update on Follow Up Approval.

Reported Scenario
When a “Follow Up” has originated in a “Location” where the “City” field has not been filled, this “Follow Up” consequently also has the “City” field empty, but when updating the “Origin” register, filling in the “City” field, this data was not reflected in the “Follow Up” and there was no screen in the system where this update could be made.

Adopted Solution
A routine was implemented that at the moment of approval of the “Follow Up” identifies the “Follow Up” without “City” and try to fill in their “City” from their respective ” Origin” and after this update is verified again if any of these “Follow Up” still does not complete the “City”, and for this the system prevents its approval and inform the user which “Origin” should be updated (filling the “City” field) so that this “Follow Up” can be approved.

[IS-12089] – Error When Inserting a Bulk Transport Service Order

Reported Scenario
When inserting a separate Work Order is giving “invalid reference” error.

Adopted Solution
Adjust validation to no longer generate “invalid reference” error.

[IS-12015] – There is no indication of termination of the data correction process Interface 33

Reported Scenario
It was observed that there is no indication of completion of the data correction process, however, the data are being corrected as expected.

Adopted Solution
The way that email builds the message has changed. But, if the message is too large, it will be broken down into more than one email.

[IS-11883] – Registry Sheet Interface Does Not Finish

Reported Scenario
Some triggering of the Log Sheet – Forestry interface stopped at the end of its execution, not allowing the customer to trigger again, causing impact in the last 3 closures.

Adopted Solution
The interface routine has been changed, limiting the number of records sent to SAP in 99, in the same way as the purchase order interface, thus avoiding the locking of the same in the SAP return.

[IS-11655] – Error passing operational plan to history

Reported Scenario
When you pass the plan to history, scenario validation is occurring.

Adopted Solution
Enter validation of EST_REG and adjust for scenario verification.

[IS-11514] – Harvest: Adjustment in the “Harvest – Stock” Cube

Reported Scenario
The “Harvest – Stock” cube displayed negative values ​​in the columns that subtract the IPC from the production of some operation (example: IPC – Felling).

Adopted Solution
The system has a parameterization to display or not negative inventory information. So, these columns start to check how they are parameterized to display negative values ​​or not.

[IS-11311] – Activity transferred from the interface to the OS and does not appear in the report. 

Reported Scenario
Mechanized fertilizer activities transferred from the interface and released to OS do not appear in the work order but appear in the cube

Adopted Solution
The report query has been changed so that the operations transferred by the interface are also displayed in the OS.

IS-11240] – Land: Allow attach files in process tracking

Reported Scenario
Cannot attach files to a Process Track.

Adopted Solution
Can attach files to a Process Tracker.

[IS-10901] – Transportation: Transportation Follow-up Edit/Approval

Reported Scenario
The system was performing poorly in the functionality of consultation and approval of transportation follow-up.

Adopted Solution
Queries and activities performed by the screen have been reviewed to ensure they work with better performance.

[IS-10894] – Harvest: Adjustment in payment process approval

Reported Scenario
A payment cannot be approved when it’s in “waiting approval” status and have a not approved adjustment. However, the adjustment cannot be approved because of the payment status (interlock).

Adopted Solution
Payment approval has been changed and now the “waiting approval” status doesn’t prevent to approve / reprove an adjustment anymore.

[IS-10660] – Performance Improvement at the screen of association of Stand to Work Scheme

Reported Scenario
The user reported a Timeout during the filtering of genetic material in the grid of stands not yet associated with the work scheme.

Adopted Solution
Review of grid queries and screen processing to improve query performance.

[IS-10194] – Fix NF mirror not to consider resources whose flag_pagar = ‘N’

Reported Scenario
When you issue the invoice mirror, it is calculated services that should not be paid.

Adopted Solution
When you issue the invoice mirror, only the services that are to be paid are being calculated.

[IS-9123] -Change the display rule for Ovens legend in the Patio Panel to consider only EST_REG = ‘A’ and the Patio stack in question

Reported Scenario
The “Patio Panel” did not use the “Patio” selected as a filter for queries that determined whether coal production / storage information should be displayed.

Adopted Solution
The “Patio Panel” will now use the “Patio” selected as a filter for queries.

[IS-8367] – Correction of the Forest Inventory register counter on the Cadastre screen

Reported Scenario
There was a divergence between the register count values and the amount of filtered records.

Adopted Solution
We performed a correction on counter to display the correct amount of filtered data on the screen.


[IS-12054] – Climatology: Exportation of daily cube

Reported Scenario
After resolution of call #73571, which allowed for the working conference of the cube “324 Climatology – Daily Measurements for the Standard Layout” in QAS, the following was observed:

  • The collation calculations are correct, however, when exporting the data to Excel, there is duplication of almost all the rows when the “undo” option is selected.
  • Apparently, the problem occurs when, in the column on Fire Risk (R.I.), two values are presented for the same day (I do not know why two values would be displayed).

Adopted Solution
Correction of data to eliminate duplicity.

[IS-12033] – Duplication of inputs in OS creation / indication

Reported Scenario
When you are scheduling the OS in the North Management Unit, several duplicate inputs appear and the Analyst needs to be choosing until one makes the field available for programming. NO annex follows Analyst Email with Print screen and duplicate inputs.

Adopted Solution
The query that is used to load the “Material” field of the screen has been set.

[IS-10584] -Climatology: Action in send e-mail

Reported Scenario
The system is not sending out outstanding weather measurements to stations.

Adopted Solution
The condition that performed the routine was adjusted.

[IS-10398] – Forestry Register: Autofill attributes

Reported Scenario
The auto-complete attributes (POD, FEPOD, ALPOD, DPOD) were not configured.

Adopted Solution
The attribute auto-configuration (POD, FEPOD, ALPOD, DPOD) was configured.