Transportation – Cost Allocation Market Wood (Third)

The goal is to include two cost allocation rules. Are they:
Type of biomass food package → CR 33402
Origin in third party projects, independent of certification → CR 33442

Previously the cost system for wood is not charged CR 33432. With the assignment of this change, it will be possible the costs of a new order determined.

How to use

The generation of costs is performed in the background according to the generation and payment process, being visible through the measurement bulletin report.

Note: Request for specific configuration of the requesting client

Transportation – Percentage of Table Supply Report

The purpose of this improvement was the development of the percentage of table supply report. After implementation of this improvement, the report will be available on the transportation module. This report will bring the percentage of wood that went to consumption by “Direct Supply” and “Wood Yard Stock”. This Report has 4 filters: “Start Date”, ”End Date”, ”Detail” and “Consumption Place”.

How to use

MIS – Percentage of Table Supply Report.
Path: MIS / Transportation / Control / Report / Percentage of Table Supply.

To use this functionality, select the filters and click on consult.

Figure 1 – Filter Percentage of Table Supply Report

Figure 2 – Percentage of Table Supply Report

Transportation – Follow up Cycle report

The purpose of this improvement is to provide a report that shows the duration of the several transport operations. Previously MIS did not have a report that exhibited this type of information. Now, it will be possible to evaluate at the operational block level, sub-compartment, distance traveled and fleet, for each follow up, the duration of the transport operations (moving the truck while empty, awaiting loading, loading, performing binding, truck displacement while full and stand by time on yard) as well as an all-time sum of operations duration and total cycle time.

How to use

MIS – Access to the report

To access the report simply access the MIS / Transportation / Control / Reports / Follow Up Cycle screen, perform the appropriate filters and click the Generate button. No filter is mandatory.

The report will group the data according to the operational block, sub-compartment, distance and fleet, bringing an average of each group, as below:



  • [IS-4193] – Follow up ID 743054 without tare weight information
  • [IS-5718] – Administration / Consultation / Consultation Configuration [4085]
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Service request

  • [IS-4351] – Inventory cube room

Service Requests with Authorizations

  • [IS-1810] – [53434] – Cost Allocation Mad. Market (Third)


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  • [IS-5811] – In Online Scale, some Guides are getting volume and weight cleared when discharging occurs in more than one stack
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