Transportation – Reporting Period

The goal of this improvement is to allow the correct processing of the productivity class of the transport operation, when interpolated by distance, in the situation in which there are productivity class with intersections in the range bands. To determine the correct productivity class of the transport operation at the close of days, the system will use the following rule:

  • Given the distance being transported, the system will check which supplier’s contract corresponds to the required productivity class. If the productivity class exists, priced in more than one supplier contract, the system will use the lower ID productivity class.
    • If the system finds transported distance productivity class that are not priced in contracts, the system will also use the lower ID productivity class.
    • If the system does not find productivity class for the distance transported, the system will display an error in the process of days closing.

Previously the system only allowed the recording of productivity class  of the transport operation, interpolated by distance, without intersection in the range. After the implement, this change it will be possible to cover a greater range of possibilities in the configuration and processing of the productivity class and contracts that include the transport operation.

How to use

There are no changes to the system screens and this improvement only impacts how to associate the productivity class with the Transportation Follow-up at the days close. Therefore, we will only consider that the productivity class are set on the productivity table screen and are priced on the price table screen and that these settings will be considered in the adjusted procedure.

Land Project – Change ordering of fields in the docterra grid

The order of the fields in the docterra grid was changed.

Image 1

Land Project – Include property information in the process monitoring register

In the process monitoring screen (MIS / Land Management / Main Register / Process Monitoring), a new grid was added, where it is possible to inform the land documents associated with the process.

Image 2

Land Project – Include environmental agency information

In the legal reserve clearing screen (MIS / Land Management / Main Register / Legal Reservation Area), you can include the environmental agency information and process type for the protocol tab.

Image 3

Land Project – Bring Feature Description Information

In the land document screen (MIS / Land Management / Main Register / Land Document/Contract Border), in the tab of cross between soil use and land document (Get Land Use Information (GIS)), it will be possible to see the description of the characteristic of the sub-compartments for the three grids: Characteristic, Conservation Areas – Summary and Operational Block.

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Climate Project – Second closest station

A new field has been added where a second Nearest Station will be reported. The field will be used to perform the measurement interpolation calculations, its functionality being the nearest second station field.

Path: Climatology / Climatology / Station [4924]

Image 8

Image 9

Climate Project – Cube Creation

Cube to view the grouped measurements per day for the STANDARD layout. (Specifically for Veracel)

The cube will display the grouped measurements information per day, only for the STANDARD layout. The data will be consolidated through an automatic routine that will be performed daily in the evening.

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

Invoice Mirror Report with IVA

The report will display the information of the items of the invoice mirror with the IVA tax information and its sum to the gross amount.

Path: MIS / Operations / Operational Control / Reports / Payments / Invoice Mirror with IVA


Image 13

Image 14

(Standard Default)

Image 15

Image 16


Service Requests with Authorizations

  • [IS-7538] – [63935] – Routine Income Scale – SGF Transportation
  • [IS-7474] – [99999] – Terras Project – Change ordering of fields in the docterra grid
  • [IS-7473] – [99999] – Terras Project – Include property information in the process monitoring register
  • [IS-7341] – [99999] – Land Project – Include environmental agency information
  • [IS-7340] – [99999] – Terras Project – Bring feature description information
  • [IS-7333] – [99999] – Climate Project – second station closest
  • [IS-7266] – [99999] – Climate Project – Cube Creation
  • [IS-6957] – Change in invoice mirror

Service request

  • [IS-7926] – [64768] – Script CR – Forestry Producer
  • [IS-7649] – Correction Status Fields
  • [IS-7162] – Corrective data – Harvest


  • [IS-8366] – [65016] – EPS are not able to point the activity
  • [IS-8358] – Price table reset not working
  • [IS-8350] – The adjustment tab creation routine is not recording the stock movement type in the stock movement table
  • [IS-8275] – Financial Calendar Error
  • [IS-8251] – [62502] – Error in the transfer of SAP-SGF inputs
  • [IS-7991] – Sales Order Item
  • [IS-7972] – Remove the carbonization type “Tiço” from the carbonization cycle
  • [IS-7936] – Set access restriction access per management unit on the screen of Patio Bulletins
  • [IS-7934] – Factor Registration
  • [IS-7878] – In the “F_TRA_OBTER_DESC_CERTIFICADO” Function consider only active certificates and within validity
  • [IS-7873] – Document Approval Screen
  • [IS-7840] – Error message in Client Weight import is untranslated.
  • [IS-7828] – Error in pointing equipment
  • [IS-7786] – Overdue Certificate Message is not being displayed
  • [IS-7614] – [63374] – Input information report
  • [IS-7611] – The list of values ​​in the bulletin query screen is not displaying the values ​​”Canceled” and “Under analysis”
  • [IS-7608] – NFe is generating infinite logging.
  • [IS-7597] – NF 17160 – Error in generating DANFE
  • [IS-7582] – I need to adjust the stock
  • [IS-7572] – Add-ons Process 121
  • [IS-7425] – Danfe in contingency
  • [IS-7259] – Creation of field sample E-MT_05
  • [IS-7109] – Romaneio screen is not opening at GERDAU
  • [IS-7048] – [99999] – Prevent editing of information in the price table
  • [IS-7041] – [99999] – Order Creation Interface Error
  • [IS-7002] – Correction letter not sent to SEFAZ
  • [IS-6236] – The VW_CUBO_VOL_CARV_EXP_FOR_TAL view is displaying the wrong Guidance Source location and is extremely slow


  • [IS-8205] – SNINC0224741 Problem with Software
  • [IS-7949] – SNINC0224091 Software Issue
  • [IS-7897] – [64713] – CTO screen problem
  • [IS-7896] – SNINC0223638 Problem with Software
  • [IS-7887] – Error editing contract information
  • [IS-7757] – Difference in reports
  • [IS-7710] – OS247 pointing problem (spare)
  • [IS-7679] – Notes sending job
  • [IS-7668] – Update of the reports of inputs
  • [IS-7625] – Problem in calculating transport plan
  • [IS-7550] – Item 4