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[IS-8645] – SNINC0229462 Software Problem

[IS-6459] – Harvest: General follow-up cube improvement

Improvement on general follow-up cube adding month and year columns. It was added month and year columns on general follow-up cube, referring to operation date.


[ISTD-2877] – Transportation: Wood Purchased from Third Parties

The need for small adjustments in the weighing module because the system was displaying the receipt data with invoice in the conventional transport mode. The chipper consumption report was also not enabling the third-party yard source filter. Corrections and improvements have been applied to the weighing module and chipper consumption report.

[IS-9014] – Documents unavailable

Documents unavailable on approval screen. Problem caused by incorrect registration of another product for the same material. Added the EST_REG filter in the routine PR_TRA_INTRERFACE_VENDA_CEM so that the routine does not interrupt any more.

[IS-8813] – Wood Sale: Report not working

Due to Market Wood project, Production by County is throwing “missing expression” error. The query was fixed for the report.

[IS-8781] – Harvest: Detailed Response Space

When the user clicks edit the system does not bring the fields Operation Front and Contract Id, if the OS does not have operators, it is possible to click on the dropdownlist and select the values, if the OS has operations (which was the case) the system blocks the dropdownlist and the field was blank, preventing the user from saving and making any changes (Description and Dates). The schema olvOrdemServico_DataRendering that returned the fields of Operation Front and Contract Id was adjusted was adjusted so that it brings the fields of the database, besides the file PlaOrdemServicoColDao also have been adapted for the correct operation of the method used in the previous file.

[IS-8676] – Transportation: Weighing Module – Sales – Synchronization of invoice data

In some computers, invoice senders, with low-quality internet connection, problems were found in the synchronization of invoice data with INFLOR Forest.

Note: Occurs only in scenarios where there is issuance of invoice for sale of wood through the weighing module.

Corrections were made to the objects and procedures responsible for the synchronization of the invoice data with INFLOR Forest that will minimize the chance of failures in this process.

[IS-8647] – [99999] – Overhead cost error

[IS-8573] – Sale: Import Weight Resersal and Customer Volume

When importing a Invoice that has already been imported, the import is generated with error. The problem is that by Reversing the Import with Error, Successful Import was being impacted, so the volume of this import was going wrong. Added validation on Import Reversal to prevent impacts on other imports. This validation is for invoices that were imported more than once.

[IS-8561] – Sale: Project Address

When issuing an invoice in the weighing module (offline balance), the project address is not taking into account the selected Project. This is impacting the calculation of the Supplementary Notes. The search of the project address will be carried out by the Site and the Project.

[IS-8364] – Harvest: “Folha de Registro (Colheita)” interface – Gerdau

“Folha de Registro (Colheita)” interface does not send the data in a clustered way which causes the risk of the volume information does not include the adjustments made by the system. The interface has been changed so that the submission of Harvest data is properly grouped to use the adjustment data.

[IS-8356] – Silviculture:Programming Silviculture is not generated according to prescription

Some operations are not being automatically generated while running the plan. The prescription is correct. The plan calculation routine has been corrected. There was a rule that could not generate a scheduled operation if it had already been generated in another plan, but did not consider the prescription. The rule was changed to not allow to generate the operation if it were of the same prescription.

[IS-6398] – The user of the payment process can change twice to “send to SAP”


[IS-8778] – Transportation: Chipper Consumption – Complete

A performance problem was observed when applying the filter of one month with the hourly detailing. Corrections were made to the report and your performance should better.

[IS-8689] – Distance Register

Sub compartment T0014 not listed as a place for distance registration for approval of Transportation Follow-up. Block adjustment that validates the use manejo association only in the view VW_CFG_LOCAL_DISTANCE.

[IS-8229] – [99999] – Overhead cost error

[IS-7267] – Transportation: Error in transportation data cube

Intermediate Depot Payment data cube was not showing Depot Unload operations performed on yard. An adjustment was made in the unload process to also bring the unload operations performed on yard into the data cube.


[ISTD-2002] – Transportation: Remove the use of the WM_CONCAT function.

Some screens of the SGF Transport module used the WM_CONCAT function (which aims to concatenate results of a data query) from the Oracle Database, but this function was discontinued by Oracle in its version 12. The WM_CONCAT function has been replaced by a native data concatenation routine.