by Guthierry Ferreira Almeida

February 16, 2018

What’s New in GISagri for Android 2.5.0

GISagri for Android 2.5.0 will be available on 02/19/2018, according to our publications calendar.

In this new version we are returning an important functionality: the option to keep the GISagri files on the memory card¹. We also added support for local basemaps. Check the details:



Memory card

GISagri can work with your files directly on the memory card. Files are downloaded and consumed directly from the card.

Keep in mind, to have access to the functionality we need:

  • Your Android device is in version higher than 5.0 (Lollipop);
  • Your Android device has support and the presence of an external memory card;
  • Your organization must have the new synchronization module²;


Local base maps

You can now copy basemaps files: Runtime content and Tile Package (tpk) ³ directly to the device. GISagri can interpret and use local base maps on any downloaded map.

Consult us for further guidance.

In addition, we made some corrections and adjustments of features:

  • “Fetch” tool: correction of invalid values;
  • Workflow maps: view of all downloaded basemap.

Correction in sending usage statistics data.

¹ Pay attention to the requirements for using the memory card: Android 5.0+, memory card device and new synchronization module.

² The new synchronization module is a set of improvements for the downloads and synchronizations made via GISagri. Options to resume download, traceability, centralization and optimization of data. Depends on deployment in the environment, consult us about availability.

³ GISagri supports local Tile Packages. To synchronize .tpk files (download via GISagri) requires updating in the organization’s environment. Contact us for more information.