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Plan and control all stages of the productive chain monitoring physical and financial variables

Simulate scenarios, set targets, calculate costs, compile incomes and generate performance kpi’s

Papper, Pulp and Energy Forests

The uncomplicated way to manage and integrate your production

Our solutions for the segments of Paper and Pulp and Energy Production Forests go beyond planning, management control and costs involved in all the forest productive chain. They also support the conformity related to certification required by regulating agencies. Integrated and efficient management, uncomplicate the day by day, ensuring the quality and traceability in all stages of the process.

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TIMOs, Asset Managers and Cooperatives

Plan, control and visualize the return on the investment

INFLOR technology supports forest asset management with a high degree of specialization, ensuring operations traceability, strong control on the administration of outsourced services and used inputs as well as effective cost management, with earning of forest productivity, promoting more visibility of the investment’s return.

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Wood Producers

Reduce costs through an integrated and efficient management

No matter the size of your business, through INFLOR solution it is possible in a practical way evaluate investments and forest production cost, defining the ideal allocation form of labor, materials and resources for each type of activity. Control operations, equipment and team works using comparative analysis functions of cost and efficiency, drawing performance and productivity indexes.

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Sawmill and Wood Panels

Manage your business for profitable results

Through INFLOR solution for the sawmill and wood panels segment it is possible to manage the forest productivity according to your management system reducing time between felling and industrial production according to the requested products’ assortment and controlling time, productivity and efficiency in each step of the process.

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Native Forest

Manage and sustainable management of native forests

Through the use of georeference information it is possible to previously represent special information, such as, tree location, species, permanent preservation areas, contour lines and relief, composing a complete database. This way, it is possible to do the previous planning respecting the environmental characteristics of the area, with minor impact in the forest exploration and productivity gains through a better forest regeneration, which tends to improve its volumetric and biodiversity characteristics over time.

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Cost reduction and productivity improvements of your team step by step

The need to produce seedlings with better quality and low cost is a constant challenge and this have been demanding more control and activities planning. INFLOR solution for Nursery allows you to have more operational efficiency gains through the determination of individual performance in face of the productivity goal stablished and more control of the stock movements and its lost, since staking or sowing until the expedition of the seedlings.

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Opinion from who decided to transform their business

“Innovatech and Asperbras sought to identify, select and prioritize the best technologies of the world regarding to forest management that would cover from forest planning until the execution of the operations offering high operational quality and traceability, effective management of costs and forest productivity gains.”

Luiz Fellipe Arcalá, Innovatech

Frequent Doubts

Frequently asked questions about the Forest Management System

There is no restriction for the number of users. The license of the solution is by company, by economic group or by the property area in hectares. INFLOR has many plans that fits to the reality and need of each client.

INFLOR Forest solution’s GIS module is composed of applications to manipulate, analyze, manage and provide data for visualization.

Those applications directly use ESRI ArcGIS tools and were specially made for the forest area, containing procedures that groups dozens of ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server functions to automatize daily processes, increasing the productivity of geoprocessing team.

GISCAF, for instance, is a maintenance application that automatize spatial data validation functions, ensuring that stands belongs to a valid city and there is no overlap, controlling permanent preservation areas and legal reservation, etc.

GIS module applications are totally integrated with the modules of INFLOR Forest: forestry register, inventory, silviculture, harvest, events and others. That allows the system to: make impossible to update the area of stand that are in harvesting; perform the automatic cycle and rotation turn when the stand cycle is ended; facilitate the management of events that generate impacts in the areas; generate reports for depletion module, making possible the cost transfer.

Map Portal is a map viewer through web, but due to its strong integration with INFLOR Forest it is possible to create theme maps with rich data and that can support silviculture and harvest strategic decisions, for example.

Yes. INFLOR Forest solution is provided in 2 distinct platforms that adapt to the business rules of each client. One totally developed in SAP Portal platform, therefore, already natively integrated to SAP ERP and the other is developed in Microsoft .Net, with a list of more than 180SAP ERP integration interfaces.

INFLOR also develops integration with others ERPs according to the need of each client.

INFLOR has a strong commitment with continuous improvement in its solutions and strongly invests in research and development to ensure its products are always updated and according to the business processes and available technologies. For that, INFLOR has a program to release 3 version upgrades by year.

INFLOR is the leader on the market for Forest Management systems

Complete technology dedicated on bio-asset management