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Foster your team’s development. INFLOR provide trainings, in business or technologic processes, which can be adjusted according to your company’s needs. Choose a model that fits with what you need. With a great team of consultants and experts, INFLOR provides professional development of its employees and students. The classes can be adapted according to specific purposes of each company.


A complete training portfolio to capacitate professionals of your team. INFLOR produces the materials and develops a training for what you need.


INFLOR do trainings for all of its solutions, either operational, tactical or strategic levels, for key-users, final users or system administrators.


Ensure a quality training to enhance the productivity of your team, remotely.


The trainings are intended for universities, our customer’s professionals or not and self-employed professionals.

With the new factory, CMPC Celulose Riograndense increased its forestry activities volume, also the number of their employees, and to maintain high productivity and standardization using the Forestry Management System, we provided new trainings to the Forestry Team.
“It was an excellent moment to pass through the process and fix the knowledge. Besides, we have mapped new improvements to the system.”

Jayme Sampaio, INFLOR Solutions Director.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, they can be developed according to what the customer needs.
The trainings can be made at INFLOR or In-company.

INFLOR is the leader on the market for Forest Management systems

Complete technology dedicated on bio-asset management