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[IS-26576] – Adjustment for entry of installments in the SGF/SPP.
Reported Scenario
The plots generated in the test environment were generated with the numbers and followed the maximum value of the numbering of the other plots. We currently generate 1 to N plots for each measurement generated.
Adopted Solution
Customizes the part of the code calculates the numbering of the parcels.



[IS-27085] – Measurements missing image issue
Reported Scenario
Fixed the image selection filter when attaching images to parcels.
Adopted Solution
Fixed the image selection filter when generating the xml with the images attached to the parcels.

[IS-26795] – Repetitive plot number for the same SC
Reported Scenario
When generating the plots for a given project, several plots numbered 1 were generated
Adopted Solution
The problem occurred due to the fact that there are letters in the parcel identification, when this occurs the system cannot calculate the next parcel number and restarts the count to 1. System now removes the letters to calculate the next number, thus generating the correct number.

[IS-27240] – Data regarding historic plantings being displayed
Reported Scenario
When searching for the inventory result data, even selecting only the active data option, the system is returning historical planting information.

Adopted Solution
Code fix on vue screen.