* This Release Notes refers to INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Smart Modules, whose names, for some customers, are as follows:

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[IS-25015] – The Inventory and Quality apps crash when starting the first time.
Reported Scenario
The Inventory and Quality apps crash when starting the first time on a device that has never had both apps installed.

Adopted Solution
App update to use new android form requires permissions.

[IS-23734] – New screens problems.
Reported Scenario
The results grid of the Management reports has no the pdf exportation.
The add trees screen is not selecting the trees for removal when we select in the chart and the chart item is not highlighted.

Adopted Solution
Now, the results grid have the pdf exportation
Added treatment to highlight selected items in the chart and select the respective items in the list.


[IS-26796] – Unable to search specific plot
Reported Scenario
When performing import was giving error in the number of parcels.

Adopted Solution
Parcel number has been changed to support text.

[IS-26483] – Procedure execution PR_DW_SPP_ESTOQUE_PE does not work
Reported Scenario
In the screen “5683 – Security / Navigation / Consolidation of VIEW” a line was generated to trigger the procedure PR_DW_SPP_ESTOQUE_PE but it is not working.

Adopted Solution
There are sub-compartments that do not have an inventory, these SC do not enter a consolidation. System passes to paste the register of the productivity curve of reference data and creates an inventory as a reference so that it can enter no calculation of the consolidation

[IS-26482] – Stock table without data
Reported Scenario
After executing the PR_DW_SPP_ESTOQUE_PE procedure, the records were generated in the DW_SPP_ESTOQUE_PE table but without any information (all null data).

Adopted Solution
The data commit screen waits for the commit configuration parameter to pass.
The inventory calculation consolidation procedure did not wait for this parameter so an error occurred during execution. Added a parameter to the commit procedure.

[IS-26418] – Missing data in stock projection
Reported Scenario
The 10-year projection data (columns ending in 3) are missing from the standing stock table.
The CE data is also missing, this data is complete for 10 years so it should appear in the table.

Adopted Solution
There is a system parameterization that defines the productivity curve classes. YEAR 1 represents individuals from 0 to 9,9999 years. That is EDAD >=0 AND EDAD < 1 Therefore, the 10-year wheelset are in the YEAR 11 class. Because the system logic checks EDAD>= 10 AND EDAD< 11. The CE data were set on the screen in the YEAR 10 class and must be set to YEAR 11.

[IS-26368] – Mobile App – Check list inspection – Inflor
Reported Scenario
I inform you that these boards do not appear in the Mobile app, in the board selection field:
BBM 1792

Adopted Solution
An adjustment was made in the procedure for updating the registration of attribute groups dynamically originated from the equipment table. Data are entered but it was not expected that the data would be changed since if a device has its identification changed, the traceability of the information is lost. However, the procedure will follow the text of the master data. If a card is changed, the content will also be changed from the list of values variable table.


1. Inventory review and improvement.

1.1. Result TAG functionality for emailing.

Inclusion of the variable result of the calculation of the quality model processing in the email configuration screen.

2. Inventory review and improvement.

2.1. Inventory Review/Enhancements – Item 61 – Image Adjustments

Adjustments in the preview screen of the inventory images so that duplicate images do not appear.