By adopting the INFLOR Forest, the company adds value to the management of its forest processes

Brazilian forestry companies are a benchmark for competitiveness and productivity, which can be attributed, among other actions, to the incessant search for innovation and the strategic thinking of forestry leaders. Norflor, a company of the Lorentzen Group, is an example thereof.

The company revisited its forest management model in order to consolidate years of experience in the planted forests sector into optimized processes. Among its structuring actions, it carried out a software selection for forest management and opted for the implementation of the INFLOR Forest (SGF), together with Innovatech’s reengineering and process structuring consultancy.

The partnership between INFLOR, leader in management solutions for the forestry sector, and Innovatech enabled the structuring of the BBP (Business Blueprint) of the management model, the design of processes and responsibilities, and the standardization and creation of targeted process parameters towards continuous improvement. The project allowed us to parameterize and operationalize valuable tools for the group, such as planning adherence, consistency of resource notes and a basis for continuous improvement diagnostics.

According to Marthon Luiz Garcia Livramento, from Norflor’s Department of Forestry Planning and Management, the company already reaps the gains from the adoption of the solution. “Today, in addition to being more agile in the search for information, there is also more confidence in the information generated. Manual work has been reduced, operational control is more efficient and monthly closings have been anticipated,” concludes Marthon.

The company uses the forest registration, GIS, land management, silviculture and depletion modules and is implementing the harvesting module.

According to Norflor’s CEO, Sandro Longuinho, INFLOR Forest is a robust, easily-adapted system that provides perfect operating conditions for forest management. “We’re doing very well. We are negotiating the purchase of other modules in order to expand our management capacity, such as the timber sale, transportation and charcoal production, ” he said.

About Norflor − Norflor is a company of the Lorentzen Group, headquartered in Norway, which has been operating in Brazil for more than 50 years and has investments in various sectors of the economy. In the reforestation sector, the group invested massively in planting eucalyptus forests in the state of Minas Gerais. Today it has about 17 thousand hectares of plantations destined mainly to the steel and celulose industries. The company is headquartered in Montes Claros and the plantations are scattered through the municipalities of Grão Mogol, Padre Carvalho and Josenópolis.

About Innovatech − Innovatech is a management and consulting company focused on agribusiness. Its principles are constant innovation, knowledge and sustainable relationship. Through its project management models and innovative consulting, it adds value to the industry by bringing methodologies and processes increasingly effective and optimized for the value chain of its clients’ businesses. Learn more at:

About INFLOR − Headquartered in Espírito Santo and operating on four continents, INFLOR is changing the way biological assets are managed around the world. The management systems developed by the company are present in more than 12 million hectares of diverse crops. With a track record of over 20 years of experience, its solutions help companies to maximize their forest and agricultural asset management performance, leveraging gains through the conscious use of natural resources and social and environmental respect.