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Athletes supported by INFLOR qualify for the 2018 World Championship in Denmark.

We believe this story

The adolescents Karolayne Santos, Matheus Ribeiro and Gustavo Cabidelli − participants of the social project “Beyond the School Wall” and sponsored by INFLOR − just had a great achievement. With the results obtained in the Brazilian Duathlon Championship, held on 10/22 in Barueri (SP), they qualified for the World Championship due to take place in September 2018 in Denmark.

Karolayne took the podium and she came in 3rd place in the 14/15 year old category and Gustavo Cabidelli got the 6th place in this same category. Matheus Ribeiro, even facing some mechanical problems with his bicycle, finished in the 8th place in the junior category.

With these results, the three adolescents, which live in the city of Aracruz (ES), secured a place in the 2018 World Championship for having been among the top 10. The race −competed in Barueri− included running 5 km, cycling 20 km and running an additional 2.5 km.

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We do people and their development a performance differential.

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We are a group that values ethics, transparency and mutual respect.


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Project “Beyond the School Wall”

The “Beyond the School Wall” project, in which the three athletes take part, is coordinated by the teacher Jorge Augusto Curto de Oliveira, who is the team’s coach.

The project began early 2008 and welcomes public school students from low-income families which face high social vulnerability. Teacher Jorge teaches Physical Education in the municipal school board. The “Beyond the School Wall” project is his initiative geared towards adolescents at their after-school period.

The challenge, according to the teacher, is to bring the teenagers to the world of sports, where they have a chance to stand out, as it was shown by Karolayne, Matheus, Gustavo and several other young people who attended the project. At the same time, sport helps to keep them away from drugs and other vices.


“I did not have a uniform to compete, so I used to borrow it. Now, with the sponsorship, I want to develop in my sport and take part in large championships,” says Karolayne.

“Sponsorship is a further motivation for achieving good results in the competitions,” says Matheus.

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“I want to reach my goals. I practice four times a week and the sponsorship will help me to have sporting goods that still I do not have, such as appropriate clothing and sneakers,” says Gustavo.

“Inflor’s sponsorship was critical for me and the athletes, for it allowed us to travel to the competition in Barueri (SP), and get the qualification for the World Championship,” says the coach Jorge.

Nossa história

Story of success!

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