“An important year with a level of modernization never seen before.” The statement of Mr. Antônio Tatagiba − International Services and Products Director at INFLOR − reflects the company’s mood, which wants to strenghten it presence in Brazil and abroad. For Mr. Tatagiba, this year is paramount because the entire platform and systems of the company will be updated. “The INFLOR Forest is underway,” adds Mr. Tatagiba.

INFLOR is adding IoT − Internet of Things − and Machine Learning to their systems. Mr. Tatagiba points out that this will change all the intelligence of the forest business. “We are working hard with international partners to generate new technologies that will change productivity levels and generate solutions for better expertise and benchmarking,” said Mr.Tatagiba.

Mr. Carlos Albuquerque − INFLOR’s Innovation Director − stresses that research is an important component of innovation, but the best thing to do is to bring together technology with the client’s business needs, thereby bringing about a solution that adds value to the customer’s product. Therefore, Mr. Albuquerque emphasizes that INFLOR always faces a major challenge, which is to suprise the customer by bringing innovation to the market such as the Internet of Things, images processing and the Forest 4.0 concept after the Expoforest.

Mr. Albuquerque emphasizes that the path to be followed is foresseing the demand, making feasible and affordable a technology that was seen as expensive at first. “We are working on new sensor technologies, Machine Learning, which can be understood as combining the pleasant with the useful. We want to surprise our customers with more and more technology − be it national or international,” he sums up.

When questioned about the likely differences between the national and international markets, both Mr. Antonio Tatagiba and Mr. Carlos Albuquerque share the same opinion on the forest technology market. Their point of view is based on the experience of a company that is spread all over the world. “The forest concept is similar and, depending on the region, there is a longer or shorter cycle. The cultural diferences between the countries are the critical point here,” said the directors. As a well-trained and well-rounded team, INFLOR’s challenge is not a reaching a  great local position, but rather a great global one.