The INFLOR Team made a great showing on the streets of São Luís (MA) last Sunday (31), where the first leg of the Brazilian Duathlon Championships took place. They have shown great commitment and determination, like the INFLOR teams do with their customers on a daily basis. The highlight was Matheus Ribeiro, who finished with the title in the 18/19 years category.

He has always been among the first ones and finished the race in 57min57. In addition to winning in his category, he took the sixth overall position. “We are very pleased. Matheus has been struggling this year and got to knock down his run time when compared to a shorter event held in 2017,” says coach Jorge Augusto Curto de Oliveira.

Matheus was not the only INFLOR Team’s athlete to shine in Maranhão. Gustavo Cabidelli, who ran at least half the race in the leading pack, was in second place in the 16/17 category, thus ranking among the top 20. “Gustavo was among the top 20 in the race. But the best part was to see Matheus struggling with determination among Brazil’s Top-10, finishing sixth overall among the 140 athletes from all over Brazil,” said the proud coach.

The race was scheduled with a 5km run, 20km cycle ride and a further 2.5km run. But the heavy rains in the region decreased the bike leg by 2km. A course that requires a lot of stamina from the athletes, especially in the region’s humid climate.

Matheus had already won the first leg of the Capixaba Triathlon Championships, held in March at Bacutia Beach in Guarapari. The next challenge will be on May 5, when the second leg of the Capixaba Triathlon Championships will be held in Vitória. The athletes’s goal is to win the classification for the World Championships, which will be held in Spain this year.

The youngsters Matheus and Gustavo are from the Santa Cruz neighborhood in Aracruz, and take part in a social project in the municipality, led by the teacher and coach Jorge Augusto Curto de Oliveira. They are sponsored by INFLOR, which contributes to make their participation in competitions possible.

Matheus and Gustavo demonstrate in competitions to be in line with some of the main values ​​of INFLOR, such as commitment, competence and focus on results. “Our history is carried out by people who are team players, committed to their tasks and willing to take the highest flights,” emphasizes Guilherme Brunoro, Marketing Manager at INFLOR. “And so are Matheus and Gustavo,” he concludes.