The INFLOR-sponsored athlete Matheus Ribeiro, who manages to balance study, work and training, has just snatched the first leg of the Capixaba Triathlon Championships, held on Sunday (10) at Bacutia Beach in Guarapari.

Matheus finished the race in 1 hour and 27 minutes, ahead of the Ítalo-Brasileiro Club athetes Ismael Oliveira and Enzo Comarela, who took the 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

The INFLOR athlete did very well in swimming, was caught up on the bike circuit and did recover in the running stage of the race, which happens to be last of the competition. The running stage was the most disputed and Matheus mesmerized the audience by showing stamina in the final sprint.

“With 1,250 meters to go, I increased the pace. I got the victory with a sprint in the last 70 meters and the fans cheered,” celebrates Matheus.

Now, he is preparing himself for the Brazilian Land Duathlon. The race, which consists of cycling 20 km and running 2.5 km, will be held on March 31 in São Luis (MA).

The athlete, who is from the Santa Cruz neighboorhood in Aracruz, takes part in a social project in the municipality, led by trainer and coach Jorge Augusto Curto de Oliveira, and is sponsored by INFLOR, which makes their participation in competitions possible.

The company wishes all success to the team in the upcoming competitions!