The partnership between the companies presents to the market Management and Technology for small and medium Forestry Companies, Forest Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Inflor’s LDL Platform.

Organized by the Paranaense Association of Forest-Based Companies (Associação Paranaense de Empresas de Base Florestal – APRE), the 6th Embrapa Florestas Workshop took place from March 19 to 20, at Embrapa Florestas’ headquarters in Colombo (PR), focusing on “Products of the Pine and Eucalyptus Forest – quality, use and market”. The first day of the event covered topics on “Economic Management and Evaluation” and, on the last day, “Multiproducts” were discussed.

On the second day of the event, Richard Respondovesk of Maxitree and Fabrício Emiliano, representing INFLOR gave important contributions to the forestry industry during the lecture “Best Practices in Forest Management available to medium and small producers”.

During the keynote speech, Richard announced Maxitree’s new forest management model – the BPOForest −a technological innovation proposal meant to maximize timber production. The solution presented proposes the outsourcing of the forest process management with Maxitree’s accelerators and management models, which makes it more affordable for small and medium producers to systematically manage forest processes using the INFLOR Forest.

“Some of the main advantages for the forest producer who purchase the BPOForest product are: greater control and reduction of forest production costs, availability of online information, compliance and governance,” adds Marcos Bailo, Managing Partner at Maxitree.

Richard Respondovesk, who is also a Managing Partner at Maxitree, added that the state of Paraná has been expanding its areas with planted forests and stands out in the production and consumption of forest products. “In this regard, we believe that, in addition to the opportunity to present and expand our products and services range offered by Maxitree in Southern Brazil, taking part in this event was a excelente moment for learning and holding discussions that will contribute to our growth,” he says.

Fabrício Emiliano then presented INFLOR’s innovations for 2019. Analytics, a data analysis tool that allows the generation of online scorecards for monitoring and decision making; Flora, a virtual assistant which uses Artificial Intelligence to generate real-time insights in the INFLOR Forest system; and INFLOR Academy, which is INFLOR’s new online course platform.

“Congratulations to the event organizers! Another edition with high-level talks and discussions that contribute to the development of the industry through the exchange of experiences among the participants, as well as to highlight the importance of the Southern region in the Brazilian forestry scenario,” highlights Guilherme Brunoro, Marketing Manager at INFLOR.

About Maxitree – Maxitree is a company with 40 years’ experience in forest management, focused on maximizing customer results. With a holistic vision of the processes of the forestry production chain, the company offers services of excellence in forest management and business processes.

About INFLOR – Headquartered in Espírito Santo and operating on four continents, INFLOR is changing the way biological assets are managed around the world. The management systems developed by the company are present in more than 12 million hectares of diverse crops. With a track record of over 20 years of experience, its solutions help companies to maximize their forest and agricultural asset management performance, leveraging gains through the conscious use of natural resources and social and environmental respect.