What’s new on INFLOR Forest?

The newest INFLOR Forest updates available in this Release.

Improvement – Technological upgrade of Harvest Follow-up screen

Within the technological modernization program that has been carried out by INFLOR in recent months, one of the needs is the replacement of the technology used in the Harvest Follow-up screen, current Flash technology that will be discontinued, at the end of this year, by browsers and Adobe itself (creator of the technology).

The Flash screen fully met the needs of companies and users for some years, having been a technology capable of providing practicality and productivity in Follow-ups, and a good user interface.

To ensure the same standard of quality, usability, and practicality, INFLOR planned to migrate the Harvest Follow-up screen to a new framework, that has also been adopting in its new products, which is the “VUE” framework.

The new screen should provide users the same rules, features and behaviors as on the current screen, and with even more performance.

The new screen is now available for use. Users will see a new menu to access the new screen, and a new icon to open the new screen for editing the Follow-up.



Productive Follow-up:


Downtime Follow-up:


Edit Follow-up: