The implementation of the solution involves the partnership between INFLOR, a market leader in forest management systems, and Maxitree, which is dedicated to the forest asset and business management.

As one of the largest suppliers of MDP, MDF and wood fiber sheets in Brazil, which mainly serve the furniture, construction and packaging industries, Eucatex has been seeking improvements for its forest management process. In recent years, the company has been discussing with INFLOR and Maxitree on the most appropriate solutions for its business model, and it ended up choosing the INFLOR Forest, a system that is the absolute market leader in Latin America.

The solution will be implemented jointly, a differentiated project that combines Maxitree’s expertise in forest asset and business management and the leading technology developed by INFLOR. Due to last nine months, the project will include the GIS, Forest Register, Silviculture, Harvest, Logistics, Inventory and Depletion modules, as well as the mobility solution.

The implementation will be carried out in stages, allowing Eucatex to use some modules in advance as they are deployed, in addition to gradually increase the systemic maturity until the end of the project. “We are optimistic about hiring the INFLOR Forest and Maxitree’s technical support. We hope that this partnership can yield good results for the Eucatex Group with respect to the forest management areas and we count on the dedication and professionalism of all for the success of the project,” evaluates Hernon José Ferreira, Forestry Director at Eucatex.

The company’s IT Manager, Marcio Crespo, also speaks about the expectation regarding the INFLOR Forest solution: “With this tool, which is already consolidated on the market, we will be able to integrate all the forest processes and centralize the information in a single system, which will ease the management and control operations, and ensure data security.” Mr. Crespo also points out that it will be possible to extract information much quicker in order to support their strategic decision-making process.

Maxitree is optimistic about the partnership. The company is certified as an INFOR Service Partner officially acting as a business and service partner, conducting new business prospects, as well as the implementation and support services of the INFLOR Forest system.

“Adding value, experience and expertise during the realization of this project will certainly be a huge drive for the digital transformation at Eucatex. Maxitree is plesase to act as an integrating partner,” said Marcos Bailo, Managing Partner of the company. Maxitree will act in the project management, using the best management practices, supporting the Eucatex and INFLOR teams throughout the execution.

Gracieli Ferreira Ribeiro, INFLOR’s assigned Project Manager, said that the company has been seeking partnerships with forestry consulting companies to complement its services and extend its product range throughout the world. Maxitree is one of these partners and the Eucatex project, which started in January, is another important project within this partnership framework.

“For this project, we have a new work model supported by the INFOR Academy, which will extend the reach of the current methodology, with the adoption of interactive materials meant for distance learning. All these materials are being produced and will be made available by INFLOR, in order to provide the key-users with knowledge, clarity and preparation for the workshop activities and training for the modules to be implemented,” explains Gracieli.

About Eucatex – With a three-plant complex in the cities of Salto and Botucatu (SP), Eucatex meets the needs of furniture manufacturers and provides large construction, packaging, car and toy industries, as well as the foreign market with doors and timber sheets. The company is one of the largest suppliers of MDP, MDF and wood fiber sheets in Brazil.

About Maxitree – Located in the city of Americana (SP), the company specializes in consulting, business management, asset management and IT solutions for the forestry sector. Maxitree has been working in several segments of the forestry sector, developing projects ranging from forest asset management, new product development and customized projects, to management consulting. The company applies its technical and managerial expertise in the development of unique cases to maximize clients’ results.

About INFLOR – Headquartered in Espírito Santo and operating on four continents, INFLOR is changing the way biological assets are managed around the world. The management systems developed by the company are present in more than 12 million hectares of diverse crops. With a track record of over 20 years of experience, its solutions help companies to maximize their forest and agricultural asset management performance, leveraging gains through the conscious use of natural resources and social and environmental respect.