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High Performance in Bio-Asset Management

INFLOR is changing bio-asset management all over the world. Since its creation, we collaborate with who has the incredible mission to seed and harvest. Thus, there are more than 12 millions hectares spread across 4 continents.

With a history of more than 20 years of experience, our solutions supports people in maximizing performance in forestry and agricultural assets, allowing companies and producers improves its profits through conscious use of natural resources and socioenvironmental respect. Its essence is transform technology in solid roots.

Learn the history of our company from its creation to the present day.

Institutional Mission

Simplify agribusiness management.

Strategic Vision

 To be a world leader in agribusiness solutions.

Values ​​that unite us


We trust in man, together we can do more.


We donate ourselves, we offers ourselves, we never give up!


We do people and their development a performance differential.

Focus on Results

We plan our actions to fulfill the agreed commitments.


We are responsible for the expectations generated.


We are a group that values ethics, transparency and mutual respect.


We build things that improve people’s lives.

INFLOR is Latin American market leader in forest management systems

Complete and exclusively technology for bio-asset management

Our Brand

Our Brand

The INFLOR’s mark has born in
April 2001 with a strong

INFLOR in numbers

INFLOR Expressed in Numbers

First company in Systems for
Forestry Management…

Certifications and Partners

Certifications and Partnerships

ISO9001:2008 (BSI)
Certification that declares the
Quality Assurance…

Leadership Team


Leaders has over than 20 years
of experience in Brazil and all
over the world.



The INFLOR Governance model
excels for strong responsibility
with agreed…



Be part of our
work force.


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This is our Slogan. We are passionate about what we do!

Our culture is based on the values ​​that unite us and we pride ourselves on experiencing them on a daily basis.

More people joining in

INFLOR-sponsored athletes qualify for the
2018 World Cup in Denmark..


Our Clients

More than 12 millions hectares managed by INFOR solutions. Come join us!