What’s New in INFLOR Forest? (.NET – 12nd/Apr 2019)

Authorized Service Request

[IS-7555] – Assets: Cube for Display of Balances and Exhaustion by CR Group

Provide cube with motions per CR group.

Adopted Solution
Created a new cube to display monthly balances and exhausts per CR group.

[IS-8936] – Administrative Register: Segregation by UG in the Inputs screen contract screen

Currently, in the administrative / […]

What’s New in INFLOR HUB Mobile? (.NET- 29th/Mar 2019)



[IS-9722] – Consultations application Mobile Silviculture

The Silviculture Mobile application does not list the work orders that have all operations already started, but not all finished.

Adopted Solution
The problem was resolved.

[IS-9519] – Approval Silviculture: Error downloading Data

When the data is downloaded to mobile, internally an error is generated because the […]

What’s New in INFLOR Forest? (.NET – 29th/Mar 2019)


Authorized Service Requests

[IS-9521] – Adding Information to the Cube Silviculture – Forested (ha) X Realized (ha) datacube

It was requested the inclusion of new information in the Silviculture – Forested (ha) X Realized (ha) datacube.

Adopted Solution
The following information was inserted into the datacube:

  • Sub-compartment planting date
  • Expected / Performed […]

What’s New in INFLOR HUB Mobile? (Release Notes/Quarterly/March-2019)



[IS-7610]- Mobile Silviculture: Block selection of productivity rate on mobile

It is currently possible to change the Productivity rate field in the mobile application, regardless of whether it is an internal user. The SGF rule will be taken to mobile application. The Productivity rate field will only be editable […]

What’s New in INFLOR Forest? – SGF (Release Notes/Quarterly/March-2019)

Who is Flora? Meet our Virtual Assistant using AI.

Maybe you already listened or used some Virtual Assistant like Google Home, Siri, Cortana or said a: “OK, Google” or “Hello Siri” in your Android or iOS Device.

Thinking in make our users life easier and create a way that our system can […]

What’s New in INFLOR HUB Mobile? (.NET- 15th/Feb 2019)



[IS-6853] – Own company responsible does not appear on mobile in another vendor’s OS

In the Silviculture application, in the follow-up screen, the Responsible list does not display employees associated with their own company. Only the employees of the selected OS provider are displayed. In the list of Supervisors, all supervisors are displayed, […]

What’s New in INFLOR Forest? (.NET – 15th/Feb 2019)


Service request

[IS-8645] – SNINC0229462 Software Problem

[IS-6459] – Harvest: General follow-up cube improvement

Improvement on general follow-up cube adding month and year columns. It was added month and year columns on general follow-up cube, referring to operation date.


[ISTD-2877] – Transportation: Wood Purchased from Third Parties

The need for small adjustments in the weighing module because […]

What’s New in INFLOR HUB Mobile? (.NET- 1st/Feb 2019)



[IS-7165] – Harvest: Changes in follow-up registration via mobility


  1. When performing follow-up registration in lead mode all equipment of all available families are displayed and not only the configured equipment.
  2. Duplicity of land use in its attachment.
  3. Loss of land use and equipment fixed filter. When attaching a land use, […]

What’s New in INFLOR Forest? (.NET – 1st/Feb 2019)

Transportation – Market Wood Purchasing

The purpose of this improvement is to allow the system to receive the timber from the market. Previously the system did not allow a truck without vehicle release to be received at Mill. The possible origins of the trips were External Yard, Forest or Intermediate Depot. Two new […]