Project Description

Veracel introduces INFLOR – SGF system in order to support its forest processes chain.

The Veracel SGF system is used on forestry operations with focus starting from the wood management until it reaches the wood chipper, by using the Transportation and Wood Yard modules.

In 2009, the operation became more challenging when the rest of the fiber production line increased capacity after the mill’s start-up. “Perhaps the existing wood yard would have been sufficient, although there would have been a lot of maintenance if we had remained within our original estimation of 900,000 tons/year,” explains Gilmar Franco, Pulp Production manager. “However, we increased production methodically to 25% higher than the estimation of all other areas of the mill. The wood yard really became our bottleneck,” he remembers.

Thus, in 2008 Veracel increased the capacity of its wood yard by adding a third line. The main change in the operation was the log supplying to the chippers, which came to be a platform or a feed table, something quite different from the equalizing drum of the older lines.

During this period, SGF was also adapted to monitor its logging trucks by satellite, eliminating the use of radiofrequencies. One of the essential functions of the Veracel SGF is the management of the special tax regimen linked with the Brazilian Federal Revenue so that it is not necessary to issue an invoice for each truck trip. Moreover, since wood transportation is one of the most sensitive parts of the Veracel forestry operation, the system was designed to work with contingency situations; it works both off-line and online as well.

Opinion of those who decided to change their business

“A number of representatives of other companies already came to visit us here to get to know the system and got surprised about the precision of the information provided and the ease way of using the functions.”
Alessandra Bessa, Veracel’s information technology specialist

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