Project Description

TTG Brasil introduces INFLOR – SGF system in order to support its forest processes chain.

“From the moment that you increase the size of your forest asset, it is necessary that you have control, cost management, planning x budget and other variables to be able to conduct correctly the forest management.”, sums up Joabel Barbieri and Marcelo Tempos, responsible for planning and controlling department of TTG.

With such business view, the executives carried out a market survey and chose INFLOR’s Forestry Management System in its Product version: a system ready to use with parameters previously set, which makes it possible for quick installation, which uses best practices and evolves quickly. As a competitive advantage for SGF product, INFLOR also offers complete hardware and software infrastructure.

SGF Product was delivered to TTG with all initial parameters set. The GIS, Forest Registry, Silviculture and Land Management modules were installed, along with the Data Cubes and Data Warehouse on Management module.

Opinion of those who decided to change their business

“In 2009, when we acquired SGF Product, we had approximately 30,000 hectares under TTG’s management. The modules that generate reports and the GIS module together with the operational control module (Silviculture) offered us gain of scale in both work and reliability of the data that was presented.
SGF Product is more than just another work tool. Our clients know that TTG is using INFLOR’s SGF Product and this is a distinguishing characteristic.”
Marcelo Temps, is responsible for planning and control at TTG.

INFLOR is a market leader in forest management systems

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