Project Description

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Eldorado Brasil is using smartphones running INFLOR application to monitor forests in MIS

Key Challenges

  •  The need of working off-line


  • INFLOR is expert in systems focused on biological assets management.
  • It owns a attested solution with strong references in the segment
  • Guarantee of reliable and integrated information
  • Assurance of continuous solutions progress
  • It offers the best practices of adopted solutions


  • Data is updated on tablet when the user access Eldorado network
  •  Everyday new data is saved in the Forest Management System (SGF) and transferred to the application, which may be accessed by all collaborators.
  • The software also provides access routes to more than 300 properties in which the company plants eucalyptus.


  • The software technology allows it to works on off-line mode, which makes possible for the users to view data even without internet connection.
  • This technology makes available information from images taken by drones (UAV), inventory data from planted forests and the list of operations that were carried out in the monitored areas.

Opinion of those who decided to change their business

“Having available information at the tip of our fingers when we are on the field allow us to learn the events that made the forest the way it is at the moment and to take quick decisions that will reflect on its future development. The software also counts with a route system, which supports the navigation along the roads.
In an objective manner, applying this technology has been a success which granted us wide access to information improving our resources management”
Carlos Justo, forest planning and control manager

INFLOR is a market leader in forest management systems

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