Project Description

Asperbrás introduces INFLOR’s Forest Management System through Innovatech


  • INFLOR is expert in systems focused on biological assets management.
  • It owns a attested solution with strong references in the segment.
  • Guarantee of reliable and integrated information.
  • Assurance of continuous solutions progress.
  • It offers the best practices of adopted solutions


  • 81% of operations already being planned inside the system;
  • 95% of reported operations are within the expected productivity;
  • 99% of accuracy on 2014 budget plan and assurance of forest productivity;

Key Challenges

  • Find out a forest management tool that could fit the business process of Colpar (a company that belongs to Asperbrás group) that will direct its production for the coming MDF mill in the city of technological innovation.
  • The need of meet all software requirements and technological evolution aimed to planning and management of forest processes and formation of biological asset.


  • SGF keeps receiving constant evolution features, such as Silviculture KPIs dashboards.
  • Strong compliance of process to the technological evolution packages.

Opinion of those who decided to change their business

“Innovatech and Asperbras sought to identify, select and prioritize the best technologies of the world regarding to forest management that would cover from forest planning until the execution of the operations offering high operational quality and traceability, effective management of costs and forest productivity gains.”
Luiz Fellipe Arcalá, Innovation and Technology Manager from Innovatech

INFLOR is a market leader in forest management systems

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