Project Description

CMPC Riograndense introduces INFLOR – SGF system in order to support its forest processes chain.

CMPC Riograndense received the information legacy from Aracruz Celulose, former shareholder, and inherited its systems and operational model as well. Based upon the necessity of acquiring a specific system for the new company, at the beginning of 2011 CMPC Riograndense’s Board of Directors requested INFLOR to provide a process survey and an evaluation of all suggested changes that needed to be applied on SIF system.

After the completion of this study in September of 2011, it was decided to set up the SGF on CMPC Riograndense.

SGF CMPC Riograndense includes the following modules of Forest Register, Nursery, Silviculture, Climatology, Biodiversity, Workflow, Events, Forestry Management, Inventory, Land Management, Harvesting, Transportation and Wood Yard.

For this project, the customer will receive innovative technology for automating the interfaces between the SGF and other systems, depending upon the complexity of the interfaces.

Opinion of those who decided to change their business

“CMPC Riograndense was the last forestry company in which the SIF system was still operational and its data was related to Fibria’s units in the states of Bahia and Espírito Santo. As we realized that some of our activities were being affected, we decided to hire an upgrade of SIF through the newest version of the SGF.
Our expectation is very high. We expect that SGF Product system will cover at least 100% of the previous version and incorporate new features as well. We also requested that the system presents a simpler and friendlier interface and that it would be a very integrated tool, thereby eliminating rework and the use of auxiliary spreadsheets. Since INFLOR is already planning the integration of the reports at management levels, we also have the expectation of making use of this feature.”
Sérgio da Silva, Project Coordinator at CMPC.

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