Project Description

Cenibra introduces INFLOR’s system My Forest completely based on SAP platform.

The My Forest project consists of deploying a forest management solution using the best practices from SGF. “We have a consolidated product, but we realize that making it available on SAP platform it would bring facilities of corporative management and governance to Cenibra”, states INFLOR’s SAP Director, Adriano D’el-Rey.

The project is innovative because it extends to SAP a mature and solid model of forest management, incorporating important features to this kind of operation.

“It was necessary to use different types of systems, one for corporative management and another one for forest management. The great advantage of the extension is that SGF will work inside SAP, making the tool development process an easier task by unifying business information under a single platform, speeding up the information processing as well. In addition, as a corporative management system, SAP takes into account practices of corporative governance that attest and ensure the compliance of enterprise processes. This practices will be extended to forest management”, explains Adriano D’el-Rey.

The main target is to deploy a responsive and practical system for controlling and monitoring activities related to operational control of Cenibra, both physical and financial. The initiative will make possible for the company to process, monitor, control and share information generated by different areas involved in the process such as Silviculture, Nursery, Harvesting, Logistics, Partnership programs, Controlling and Finance, among others.

The modules already deployed in SAP are being adapted to meet demands of forest management as well. Only Planning and GIS module are being developed specifically to be incorporated in SAP. SGF will work 100% inside SAP, highlights Adriano D’el-Rey.

Opinion of those who decided to change their business

“The collaborators involved in the project must be open to changes. The whole process is about breaking paradigms, since they are different kinds of technologies, which changes consequently the way of work. It is important that people are willing to accept the new.“
Ana Maria Ferreira de Oliveira, system analyst from Cenibra.
“In order for a corporation to keep itself competitive, it is necessary, among others resources, to have state-of-the-art management systems capable of boost the processes with immediate and safe responses providing effective decisions. With the deploy of this project, Cenibra became more modern and aligned with latest management practices”.
Luciano Amaral Rodrigues, General Forest Manager of Cenibra

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