Project Description

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Citrovita, now called Citrosuco − the world’s largest producer of orange juice − can produce more than 40% of all juice exported by Brazil. It boasts 5 factories, 7 marine terminals and 29 farms for the production of orange.
The products exported by the company are concentrated juice, unconcentrated juice and by-products of oranges produced at CITROVITA’s plantations, which are delivered in more than 100 countries around the world, such as Germany, Japan, China, USA and Belgium.

Processes managed by the solution

The GIS – CITROVITA project aimed to facilitate the mapping of orange planting data in the controlled areas. The features offered by the system include: area control, outsourced crop payment system, disease control, orange grades and pest inspections.

The activities are defined in 3 processes:

  • Mapping of plots (planting areas);
  • Harvest System;
  • Pest inspection.

Mapping of the Plot of Land

The mapping of the plots is done through tools for the data recovery in order to register, validate and distribute the information in the geographic database and ERP.

Harvest system

With the harvest control made by the system, it is possible to program and define the areas harvested, which teams will perform the work, collect the biometrics of the harvest supervisor and issue a report with the presence and performance of each person who participated in the harvest.

Pest inspection

The pest inspection system set boundaries regarding the points to be analyzed for collecting and recording information on the types of pests and values to treat the area. In addition, it provides information on each type of pest, such as quantity, number of pests, and still analyzes the sanity of the areas.