Project Description

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São Martinho MIll introduces INFLOR – SGF system in order to support its forest processes chain.

Key Challenges:

  • São Martinho Group used to have mostly of its land surveys stored in CAD or shapefiles per each farm. This scenario did not allow the organization to centralize its information and as well as guarantee the accuracy of it by not having topography or business validations.
  • Other important factors were the difficulty of integrating geographical information with operational one, not making possible to easily view information from ERP Agricola in maps, as well as the difficulty of information traceability between harvests.


  • São Martinho project was divided into 3 main phases: creation of a geographical base centralized and database cleaning (GISAgri Desktop), geographical database connection wit existing operation data in ERP Agricola (GISAgri Connect), information sharing with the whole company through map portals, map schedules in PDF and integration with BI data cubes (GISAgri Maps).

1st Phase – GISAgri Desktop

GISAgri Desktop was installed in May/2013 and from this moment on, the data base cleaning to normalize all farm of the group in a centralized geodatabase was started.

The product allowed São Martinho group to realize data cleaning with the internal team using a friendly and intuitive tool.

2nd phase – GISAgri Connect

With part of its geodatabase already cleaned, the project entered the phase of connection between geographical data base with alphanumeric data (operational data of ERP Agricola).

GISAgri Connect module was installed in December/2013 and allowed the group to easily track operational information linked with spatial reference and to track them as well.

3rd Phase – GISAgri Maps

The next phase, to be initiated consists on deploying GISAgrip Maps. This module will allow the group to share spatial information on friendly and efficient way.

  • Access to thematic maps via web, from computers or mobile devices such as tables, smartphones, etc..
  • Configuration to set periodic sending of thematic maps in PDF format by e-mail or to store them in the corporative network.
  • Integration and detailing of alphanumeric data through BI data cubes.
  • Restriction of shared information through security profiles.
  • Searches, overlapping, event records, among others.

Opinion of those who decided to change their business

“GISAgri came up to meet São Martinho group’s needs, since a well-structured cartographic data base is the foundation to have a better land use management. We can point out among the benefits already gained with a geodatabase structuration and the usage of GISAgri, the time reduction and dedicated effort to specialize the information and thematic maps; guarantee of fast and random access to the geographical data integrated with the operational data; guarantee of data cleaning governance, with standardization, reliability and traceability. We are very optimistic about the result that we still can reach with this partnership with INFLOR, which starts from cost reduction to the democratization of the information inside the group by using a corporative GIS.”
Rafael Peluco, Agricultural Quality of São Martinho group