Project Description

INFLOR develops GIS project on forest and agricultural sector of Votorantim group.

GIS Votorantim, which started in the beginning of the second semester of 2007 and concluded in May of 2008, is composed by global modules (Forest Register, GISCAF, Historical Spatial, Support Layers, Events and Map Portals) and precision agriculture modules developed for Votorantim Agroindústria (Field Inspection, Harvest of Fruits, Mechanization, Input Application and Thematic Maps).

The data synchronism between GIS and SAP environments is secured by the Integration Manager: a web control panel created by INFLOR having scheduling tools, log and control of orchestration handled by BizTalk – standard EAI software from Votorantim group.


Opinion from those who decided to change their business

“With the evident growing of VCP, the development and introducing of the GIS Votorantim system will ensure the excellence level in the forest basis management.
This is for sure the beginning of a renovation though the geo-technological system, which seeks alliance between provision of information and integration of the users from the group through new concepts, benefits obtained through the implementation of the project in partnership with INFLOR.”
Hélio Ivase, Votorantim Celulose e Papel