Project Description

INFLOR uses GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to convert data from assets of Votorantim group into images.

GIS RE project was carried out in partnership between INFLOR and Deloitte, which developed the Real Estate module for Votorantim’s SAP while INFLOR used GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to convert data from assets of Votorantim group into images.

Introduced in November of 2011, GIS RE is a system capable of providing essential information (calculation of area, identification of protected areas and validation of mineral right’s limitation) through spatial analysis to support the management of the group’s assets.

All document, legal and tributary information is available in the system, allowing the company to have a better control of purchasing, sales, contract or license renewal processes together with the federal and state public agencies, for instance. It is also available the details about constructed areas, roads extension, preservation areas, among others.

GIS RE offers technical support, for example, to identify, inside a terrain, what is the best are to reserve for environmental preservation; or to indicate in which are to construct. It is also possible to diagnose terrains with the possibility of subsoil exploration and to visualize spaces with restriction, such as permanent preservation areas.

Maps from GIS RE



Opinion from those who decided to change their business

“When we speak about real estate, there is a big chance of error on transactions of purchasing, sales and license renewal. With the geographical mapping, through the land register, we have access to the image of the land together with all legal and commercial information related to it. All the work is optimized and has even more reliability added to each stageof the process of asset management.”
Eduardo Russo, Manager of Real Estate Asset from Votorantim Group

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