The Brookfield’s Forestry Business Division implements INFLOR Forest for managing forest assets in Brazil

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The Brookfield’s Forestry Business Division implements INFLOR Forest for managing forest assets in Brazil

The Managing System ensures performance and increases efficiency in the operational control.


The Brookfield’s Forestry Business Division is committed to optimizing the processes to improve results, and adopts the INFLOR Forest (SGF) solution for administering 290 thousand hectares of forest plantations in Brazil. The deployed system releases integrated and highly-reliable information in a single platform that standardizes and structures the work of the six companies administered by the group, which act within the forestry industry.

The company’s forestry activities in the country, which use the INFLOR Forest solution, were started 40 years ago and have pine and eucalyptus plantations distributed in seven states: Bahia, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Santa Catarina, and São Paulo.

The forest assets under management address the demand of the cellulose, industrial gases, civil construction, iron and steel, and furniture industries. The challenge was to incorporate, in a single database, all the processes that are part of those operations, facilitating the management and accelerating the closing of the monthly result.

Brookfield_3Thus, the Brookfield’s Forestry Business Division decided to invest in a more robust system that includes all the company’s areas and is capable of integrating itself to the corporate ERP, ensuring the integrity and harmony of information. By selecting the INFLOR Forest solution, the company achieved the best management practices since Inflor is a leader in the forestry management system segment, counting with the top players in the industry among its clients.

After implementing the new system, the Brookfield’s Forestry Business Division gained greater control, responsiveness, and customer service quality. Anderson Oliveira and Kleber Schreiber, IT Manager and Planning Manager of the company respectively, highlight that the project’s objective was to improve the information management. “Now we have information with more quality and uniformity, by removing any possible data divergence”, they explain.

According to them, with this more accurate and uniform information, the closing term of the company’s monthly result is expected to be halved. Anderson and Kleber emphasize that the team is aware that the INFLOR Forest solution will continuously improve the company’s management, which now can approach more efficiently the large amount of data, removing manual processes.

A Challenging Project

Brookfield_4The deployment of the INFLOR Forest in the Brookfield’s Business Division involved many challenges, starting from the execution time: nine months for a system comprising six different modules: Land Management, Forestry Registration, Silviculture, Forest Inventory, Harvest, and Charring (charcoal production). “The deployment was performed incorporating the ERP System, thus activating synchronism of diverse interfaces,” Wilian Rigo, Inflor’s Project Manager, observes.

The project involved a team of approximately 30 people among INFLOR’s and Brookfield’s professionals. The Brookfield”s Forestry Business Division substituted legacy and complex systems, and optimized and automated the processes”, Rigo said. He also added that the simultaneous deployment of different modules required a lot of commitment from the team.

He explains that the gap between the execution of activities on site and the information availability that was sent to the company in weekly reports was huge. Today, the Brookfield’s Forestry Business Division can validate the information in real time, including through access via mobile devices, eliminating any risk arising from possible errors in the manual data entry. And he concludes: “The INFLOR Forest still has a lot to contribute to the company’s production chain.”

About INFLOR – Based in the state of Espírito Santo and operating on four continents, INFLOR is changing the way biological assets are managed around the world. The management systems developed by the company can be seen in more than 12 million hectares of various crops. With more than 20 years of experience, INFLOR’s solutions help companies to maximize performance in managing forest and agricultural assets, leveraging gains through the conscious use of natural resources and social/environmental care. For more information, please visit us at