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  • What’s New in INFLOR Sociall? (15th/May 2019)

    What's new in INFLOR Sociall? See the new INFLOR Sociall updates available in this release. Problem [IS-11166] - Main Menu: Problems in the side menu. Reported Scenario It was identified that on the [...]

  • What’s New in INFLOR Mobile Silviculture for Android

    What's new in INFLOR Mobile Forestry? See the INFLOR Mobile Forestry's updates in this new release Corrective [ISTD-3209] - Mobile Silviculture: Mobile Silviculture Settings for Navigator Scenario Reported Translation of the App to [...]

  • What’s New in INFLOR HUB Mobile? (.NET- 13rd/May 2019)

    What's new in INFLOR HUB Mobile? See INFLOR HUB Mobile's updates in this new release. Corrective [IS-10400] - GISagri Mobile/Workflow: Error when updating the Process Instance Status from Mobile Scenario Reported After synchronizing [...]

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