* This Release Notes refers to INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Smart Modules, whose names, for some customers, are as follows:

  • IFL

What’s new on INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Smart Modules?

The newest INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Smart Modules updates available in this release.


[IS-19805] – Pre-cut inventory measurements are not being processed and validated on the collector’s data analysis screen

Reported Scenario
When a measurement has plots processed and approved by the error analysis, it is processed and released, however the plots have the status of successfully processed and a control indicates that the measurement is processed. The error analysis screen does not allow to delete the processing, so when new plots arrive for the same measurement, the user is no longer able to process them.

Adopted Solution
Processing now identifies the type of group step processing. If the processing is of the type of validation, which is used in the error analysis screen, the system forces the exclusion of processing data, if it is not associated with the harvest.



Reported Scenario
When importing data from the collector to the HUB, it shows an error stating “”Error sending measurements: Sequence contains no elements””.
When trying to use the workaround, importing the data via excel the import presents an error and ends without success.

Adopted Solution
Update of the HUB and the mobile application to enable the sending of mobile data to the hub and inventory.
Update the column type of the import table to support the imported data.

[IS-20155] – Login Error on Inflor Analytics

Reported Scenario
The system shows an error message when the user tries to log in on Inflor Analytics.

Adopted Solution
The OAuth was configured correctly.

Requested Services

[IS-15266] – Create text field to insert a reason on Estimate Inventory screen

Reported Scenario
Nowadays, there is no text field that allows the user to describe the reason for inventory estimation.

Adopted Solution
A new text field was added on “”Estimate Inventory”” screen that allows the user to describe, in 1000 characters at least, a reason for inventory estimation.


[ISTD-9903] – Migrar telas Flex (Inventário) – Estimar Inventário

Improvement in Estimate Inventory screen

A new Estimate Inventory screen was created, and there is one more functionality on it.
Now, the user must input, or not, a reason for the Inventory Estimative to a subcompartment.


⦁ When the user clicks on “Generate Measurement”, the system verifies if the “Justify Estimate” field is checked, for the “Measurement Objective”. If it checked, the “Justification” field must be required, and a message is displayed, if it is empty;
⦁ If the “Justify Estimate” is not checked, the “Justification” field is optional;
⦁ The “Justification” field content is limited to 1000 characters.