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What’s new on INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Smart Modules?

Check out the newest updates of INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Smart Modules, available in this new Release.

Requested Services

[IS-15207] – Allow reversal measurements of inventory parcels

Reported Scenario
Allow inventory parcel measurements to be reversed after being paid and / or made available for harvest. This adjustment is necessary due to the parameters that can be corrected in the audit (basically cap and height). Even if the installments are paid and the operation is linked to SAP, the operations and payment unit will not be changed.
Adopted Solution
The “Reversed paid installment” flag was added to the inventory system configuration screen, which will allow the installment to be reversed in time to “Reverse measurements by installment” the way it was already done, however, for installments already paid.


1. Migrate Flex screens to Vue framework

1.1. Management Reports

1.1.1. Clear filters
Moving on the modernization of the Inventory Flex screens to Vue framework, the “Management Report” screen has gone through some adjustments. The clean button is now removing all items from the grouping, preview, and selected columns, and adding the available column so that you can set up a new view more easily.
Columns after “clean” action:
1.1.2. Date mask
The grid date data processing has also been added to present the date according to the mask configured for the language of the logged-in user:

1.1.3. Button alignment
Adjusted the alignment of buttons with Clean, Profile association, Copy, Save, and Search action:

1.1.4. Unsolicited Grouping Scroll bar and Removal
Added the scroll bar on the side of the result data and fixed the grid size. Grouping of the result data was also removed when it is not prompted.
Display configuration:
Result without grouping and with vertical scroll bar:
1.1.5. Excel export for Management Report and Programming now also export grouping
Excel generated after export:

1.2. Projection Process

1.2.1. Adjustments in the position of labels and components
Adjusted the position of components and labels (text/title):
1.2.2. Added dynamic columns when viewing data
Now, when viewing data, the system should show the values of the configured variables (dynamic columns):


1.3. Measurement Schedule

1.3.1. Excel export
The Excel export now displays the grouping data in the first column of the file:



1.4. Regression Process

1.4.1. Modal to add tree to stratum
A modal has been made available to add trees to a stratum, with the same behavior as the Flex screen.

Removing trees from the stratum:

Adding trees to the stratum: