* This Release Notes refers to INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Smart Modules, whose names, for some customers, are as follows:

  • IFL

What’s new on INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Smart Modules?

Check out the newest updates of INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Smart Modules, available in this new Release.


1. Migrate Flex screens to Vue framework

1.1. Collector data analysis

1.1.1. Processing
Correction of parameters sent at the time of processing the measurements, and added a “dialog status” to indicate that processing is in progress. Vertical and horizontal scroll bars were also added to the presented list, to facilitate navigation between the columns and rows of the grid.


This same behavior, above, in the scroll bar, was added to the Processing screen:

1.2. Filters

1.2.1. Global filters
Added global filters to screens that have the screen component with grouping (tree-table):
– Collector data analysis;
– Processing;
– Programming;
– Management Module view.
This filter applies to all columns of the listed items (free filter, type text).




1.3. Projection Process

1.3.1. Added paging to the listing of the data
Paging was added both on the main grid and at the time of displaying projection SCs and plots.



1.4. Regression Process

1.4.1. Added graphic when removing trees
Added chart to interact with the trees associated with the stratum.



1.5. Management Report

1.5.1. Added graph and interaction with data