* This Release Notes refers to INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Quality Modules, whose names, for some customers, are as follows:

  • IFL
  • SPP

What’s new on INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Quality Modules?

The newest INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Quality Modules updates available in this release.


[IS-13715] – Impossibility to search for plots that have letters in their nomenclature (all screens). Ex: 25A, 56B, 11C, + Lack of translation for several points in the module

Reported Scenario
It is not possible to search for plantings by the field of field, since the field does not allow characters other than numerics.

Adopted Solution
The cd_talhao field has been adjusted so that it is possible to type letters to perform the filter.

[IS-16648] – Work environment Inventory Analytics Map failed to load to put plots

Reported Scenario
The size of the text allowed on the label with the description of the SC was not limited, which made the description stand out from the menu controls.

Adopted Solution
A limit has been added for the description size (375px) where if the description is equal to or greater than this limit the label will present the text “cut” concatenated with “…” and the complete description will be presented only by the tooltip.

[IS-16846] – Inclusion of new variables in the Analytics fact tables

Reported Scenario
Inventory extractors currently show only the standard inventory volume. It is necessary to include commercial volumes with and without bark and total volume with and without bark. In addition to other variables such as planting date in all facts and dimension of work order.

Adopted Solution
All of the variables mentioned above were included. In the case of volume variables, they must be mapped in the association register between variables and harvest products.

[IS-18492] – Stand + Variable Register Screen – Showing RuntimeException (OracleException) ORA-01722 Invalid number

Reported Scenario
When opening the Stand + Variable Register Screen, the screen shows an invalid number error.
This error occurred in some cases where the variable register specific function was used and when the value used pointing of thousands, which generated an error in the number formatting.

Adopted Solution
The system is correctly converting values that show pointing of thousands.

[IS-18768] – The Inventory payment screen in addition to slowness and difficulty of operation.

Reported Scenario
The payment screen when selecting the consultation option, the screen is long loading the combobox. It loads all fields and all schedules and operations. In addition, it is not possible to filter by a date period of operations.

Adopted Solution
The filter of the pending measurement records now no longer loads the combobox, now there are free fields for typing to filter, thus greatly improving the performance of the screen.
The date field now allows you to filter a range by starting date and ending date. The operations are being loaded but only the operations of the inventory.


[IS-11908] – Association Inventory x Harvest failed to provide inventory result

Reported Scenario
Association Inventory x Harvest failed to provide inventory result, eg SC 77338 (1500-1512-25), already existed Inventory processing result, but cannot provide for the Harvest Plan to update the volume, please check.

Adopted Solution
The error message was changed to a more explanation message.
Besides that, the system doesn’t allow to associate inventory results to SC’s with harvest follow-ups reported.

[IS-18357] – Measurement time is empty

Reported Scenario
The measurement time of some plots is empty.

Adopted Solution
The mobile app was changed to send the measurement time of all plots.

Requested Services

[IS-18641] – Inventory loading error

Reported Scenario
When importing the excel spreadsheet with the measurement data, if the measurement has already been made available for the harvest, the system has an error, at the time of the transfer, but at the process level, it is not possible to identify which data cannot be validated.

Adopted Solution
When importing data referring to a measurement that has already been made available for collection, the system will present an error in terms of imported data, still at the time of validation, and will inform which measurement has already been made available, which will make it possible to reverse the availability or to remove the data from the imported spreadsheet and then create a new import.


[IENT-5583] – 2020-03 – Changes Parcels of the Inventory (IS-15004)

Improvement in Mobile Data Import screen.

⦁ Two new buttons were add on the screen, “Export to Excel” and “Import from File”

⦁ When the user clicks on “Export to Excel” the system generates an Excel File with the tree level data of mobile data process;
⦁ When the user clicks on “Import from File” shows a popup, which allow the user imports the file generated by the “Export to Excel” button with the data edited;
⦁ Only tree level variables can be edited;
⦁ Is not possible to insert new data, only edit the data exported;
⦁ The files exported are specific of mobile data import process and another process cannot import it.