* This Release Notes refers to INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Smart Modules, whose names, for some customers, are as follows:

  • IFL

What’s new on INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Smart Modules?

Check out the newest updates of INFLOR Forest – Inventory and Smart Modules, available in this new Release.


[IS-21442] – Year filter problem in Analytics module

Reported Scenario
The Mobile Data Import page is presenting a problem with the “current year” filter for the Inventory and Forestry processes, that do not return any data even if they exist.

Adopted Solution
The system has been adjusted, to make the annual filter correctly.

[IS-22806] – Bug on the Mobile Data Import process

Reported Scenario
– The plot grid doesn’t load the data for some plots;
– The plot grid doesn’t export to Excel;
– The plot grid shows an error message when using the scrollbar.

Adopted Solution
Bug fixed when the system is showing the coordinates.


[IS-21531] – In the Quality Module, records appointed with supplier “Florestal Barra” are recorded after processing as “ZAF”

Reported Scenario
Supplier registration appears incorrect in processing, because the scheduled supplier appears in place of the one who actually acted.

Adopted Solution
The column, actually, shows the programmed supplier. So, a new column was included in the report, called FORNECEDOR_APONTAMENTOS, which shows the supplier who actually acted.

[IS-22656] – Inventory validation is not working

Reported Scenario
The inventory validation process is not working. The system shows an error, when the user is validating the data imported.

Adopted Solution
Bug fixed on the Webservice config file, that validates and integrates the data with Inventory.


[ISTD-9903] – Migrate Flex screens (Inventory) – Edit Field Data

Moving on the modernization of the Inventory Flex screens, the “Edit Field Data” screen was redesigned, now it has a different presentation from the previous one and with some improvements in the grid, such as the pagination.

Also, now when the user is editing the data of any variable, the system shows a popup that allows the user to Save or Cancel the data editing.





Editing data:


The rules are the same of Flex screens.