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This is our Slogan. We love what we do!

Our culture is based on the values that unite us and we pride ourselves on experiencing it on a daily basis.

Values that unite us


We trust in man, together we can do more.


We donate ourselves, we offers ourselves, we never give up!


We do people and their development a performance differential.

Focus on Results

We plan our actions to fulfill the agreed commitments.


We are responsible for the expectations generated.


We are a group that values ethics, transparency and mutual respect.


We build things that improve people’s lives.

We wear this shirt!

Our history is built and carried out by people who are integrated, committed and willing to take the highest flights.”


“Let´s dare”. The invitation that CEO Niva Vilela extended to collaborators of INFLOR for the launch event of the campaign carrying the hashtag dubbed #SomosINFLOR sums up the company’ spirit. Committed and integrated team members ready to raise the bar. “Our ambition is to conquer the world”, points out Niva, adding that this is not an easy task but he is positive that the company will strive due to its continuing preparation to achieve its goal.

Amid an increasingly digital world, INFLOR’s solutions have reached substantial market share and front-loaded the onset of an internationalization process looking towards higher stakes. The company also prepares to migrate from a service-oriented to a product-oriented culture. “This is the company’s next challenge”, recalls Niva, who works at a high-performance rank and strongly believes in the quality of his associated teams.

The campaign launch was the beginning of an effort to consolidate the bond between INFLOR and its collaborators which will be carried on throughout the year, as noted by Guilherme Brunoro, Marketing and Ecosystems Manager: “We work constantly on heightening INFLOR’s values so everyone can have a sense of their inclusiveness in our everyday life”, says Brunoro.

Nossa história

Operational Director, Rafaela Spinassé, who conducted the launch campaign along with Brunoro, highlights that the goal of the campaign is to broadcast information about the actions practiced by INFLOR to their internal staff which are not always promptly realized by everyone. “We’ve got a lot of positive initiatives and competitive benefits and we want our teams to be fully aware that we are a unique enterprise”, she says.

#WeareINFLOR – Highlights

Check out some moments of the event that marked the beginning of the campaign.

Pleasant environment!

The climate of the campaign is present in our day to day with a special visual communication.


Eduardo felix 1 ”The event brought about the opportunity to learn more about INFLOR and the individuals who took part in its past. It inspires me to build on its history”.Eduardo Félix Amaral (AMS)

FLAVIA NEVES II 1 “An event celebrated in a relaxed atmosphere such as this one adds to bring everyone closer together and allows us to find a bit more about our company”. Flávia Neves da Silva (Administration)

EDGAR BERLINCK 1 “I´ve been with this company for about five years and this event brought me closer to its history and also allowed me to understand a little better INFLOR´s vision for the future. Soon enough we will be part of its history as well”. Edgar Berlinck (Technology)

MARIA EUGÊNIA DA SILVA 1 “I´ve been with INFLOR for three years now and my job is to care for people. I leave this event confident that I am on the right career path and with a sense that I am a true part of its building blocks”. Maria Eugênia da Silva (Administration)

More people with us!

Athletes supported by INFLOR qualify for the 2018 World Championship in Denmark.

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