Plan and control all stages of the productive chain monitoring physical and financial variables

Simulate scenarios, set targets, calculate costs, compile incomes and generate performance kpi’s

System in Mobile Devices

Access areas, maps and operation information directly in the field

Accurate information in the palm of your hand wherever you are. INFLOR mobile applications for agricultural and forest segments add more productivity in your company reducing activities report errors, accelerating the operational data collection and the access to management tools for a quicker decision making from anywhere.

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Forestry Register/GIS

Control land use’s occupations hierarchy integrated with georeference information

Through Forestry Register and GIS functionalities, you can have the company entire forest base georefered controlling both the areas for wood commercial exploration and other land use demands such as legal reservation, permanent preservation areas, roads and others. Grouping the stands by innumerous variables provide greater visibility of the production chain and consequently greater stratification of forest costs.

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Analize productivity and production cost of each administrative ou regional unit

Plan and control the forest implantation for commercial use and others land use such as roads, legal reservation, permanent preservation area. Manage all forest formation chain until the availability of the wood for harvest, whether for biomass, pulp or saw.

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Get more predictability of the operations with a wood supply plan

Ensure that the wood products delivery is made in the best time and productivity relation, with lower cost, ensuring wood stock curves in the field, in order to maintain the product delivery linearity as expected demand.

Monitor the productivity of the harvested forest and get more visibility of the field and road stocks and manage the operation costs ensuring that mechanical availability and operational efficiency indicators are in the acceptable goals.

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Total traceability of the wood origin controlled through the wood yard panel

Get more control in the supply of the bucking lines of the consumption center, as well as in the wood product delivery until the client and manage the lower freight cost, ensuring the mill’s supply linearity according to the wood demand.

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Monitor budget and executed costs and its deviations in the entire forest process

Get more control and safety in the biological assets costs appropriation and depletion.
Have more visibility of all forest budget as well as the follow up of its execution and possible deviations. Monitor deviations comparing real with planning data.

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Wood Purchase and Sales

Follow the invoice issue in real time

Program and execute wood purchase to comply or complement the wood volume demand estimated by corporate strategic planning.

Ensure the revenues and wood product delivery for your clients, according to the sales order.

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INFLOR is the leader on the market for Forest Management systems

Complete technology dedicated on bio-asset management.