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Plan and control agricultural activities as an efficient, competitive and profitable business

Consolidate yours performance and productivity information and get strategic, tactical and operational analysis

Opinion from who decided to transform their business

“GISagri came towards the needs of São Martinho Group once a well structured cartographic base is the foundation for a better land use management. We can list among the benefits already achieved by structuring the geodatabase and GISagri use, time and work reduction dedicated to information spatialization and creation of theme maps; the guarantee of fast and random geographical data access integrated with operational data; and the guarantee of the health and governance data such as standardization, reliability and traceability. We are very optimistic as to the results that we can still achieve with this partnership with INFLOR, that goes since cost reduction until the democratization of information within the group, by a corporate GIS.”

Rafael Peluco, Agriculture Quality São Martinho group

Our solution for Agriculture Management helps your company in the information governance, with process standardization, reliability and traceability.