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SAP Consulting

INFLOR may improve corporate processes with specific solutions developed on SAP platform.

If you already have a SAP solution and you are willing to enhance the corporate management of your company, we develop cockpits related to process automation or integration specialist that will speed up your corporate processes bringing competitive benefits to your business.


INFLOR is a company with notorious participation in consultancy, parameterization, integration and SAP solutions development areas.

Our team brings together multidisciplinary professionals, highly capable of developing and executing solutions and services that meet every SAP area’s needs. With a strong characteristic of Software House, the company has innovation as its differential and operates since 2001 with processes of value chain for customers in Brazil and around the world.

We have received the ASUG Impact Awards Prize in 2005 and 2012 and we are recognized as leader in sector of forestry management systems and strong SAP expertise. Our competitive differential is the ability to build vertical solutions covering many areas like GIS, SAP Standard and specialist processes.

Expertise Areas

Customized development of any solution not covered by SAP using technologies like ABAP, Web Dynpro, Fiori and Lumira. Many specific solutions were developed along the INFLOR’s history and can be utilized as starting point to solve your problem.
Development of SAP Integration with others satellites systems to assure integrity, traceability and process performance.
Development of small improvements that are very important for complete process functioning.
Development of mobile apps in SAP Platform to improvement even more your corporate processes.
Development of integrations with GIS bringing agility, reliability and precision in each process.
Allocation of specialized professionals (functional, ABAP, Basis) to solve problems.
Project management is an offered service to our customers, independently of technologic platform.

Opinion from who decided to transform his business

“After an evaluation process of different companies, we concluded that INFLOR has experience in SAP integration. The company has comproved knowledge in general business processes regarding wood for celulosis factories. Besides, we realized that INFLOR is well positioned in brazilian market, since it has a qualified team of professionals to handle large-escale projects.“

Cláudio Salas, CMPC Celulose, Sub Manager, Development of Administrative Process.

INFLOR is the leader on the market for Forest Management systems

Complete technology dedicated on bio-asset management