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GIS Professional Services

We develop for your company, customized geographic information systems in ESRI platform.

We build systems that facilitate the analysis, management or space representation and the phenomenon occurring in this space, given that the maps provide to users visualization of all information and knowledge generated.

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are tools that allows work with geographic information, integrating and overlaying numerous information types.

Main Challenges

  • The geographic data utilized are held in files or databases, separately.
  • Geographic data stored in different systems.
  • Topological problems between business layers.
  • Overlay of geometries located on the same layer, generating errors on area calculation.
  • Problems with geometries invalid or corrupted.
  • Lack of traceability when creating or modifying geographic data by the cartography users.
  • Slowness on the map creation process, for not having its geodatabase model solid and aligned with ERP. Therefore, it is more expensive to create thematic maps and generate book of maps.

Competitive differentials

In 2011, INFLOR group was accredited as Esri Gold partner. Esri is the main company that develops GIS technology in the world. The companies with this title, has domain in one or more sectors of industries with solutions or services based on Esri products.

To join this group, INFLOR was qualified regarding commercial activities and recognized for its excellence with Forestry Management System, developed in recent years. Therefore, INFLOR group has become the first EPN Gold in Brazil and the first EPN gold of forestry sector in the entire world.

Our business area that works exclusively with GIS is held by ISG, another enterprise from INFLOR Group.

How can we aggregate value to your business:


GISAgri Desktop

Agricultural register and maintenance of geographic base

  • Real-time updates;
  • Transaction control;
  • Updates log;
  • Topological validations.

Management of spatial data of Patrimonial Asset

  • Where are my properties?
  • Capture, Documents analysis and licensing;
  • Integration with land usage (Legal reserve compensation, tax payment, ITR)

Forestry Events

  • Affected areas management;
  • Creation of flows for forestry events process;
  • Integrated control.

GISAgri Maps


  • Easy to disseminate geographic data;
  • Independent system;
  • ATR;
  • Planting (planned x accomplished);
  • PEC and PAV;
  • Aplicação de Maturado.

Data cube

  • Dynamic reports and easy interaction;
  • Consult to management and operational information;
  • Alphanumeric view.

PDF Maps

  • Visualization of the same map with different filters;
  • Status reports for Directors;
  • Quick answer to aid auditing.

GISAgri Mobile

Maps Management

  • Management and programming of the available maps for offline use;
  • Synchronization between tablet and the Forestry Management System (SGF) through wireless connection.


  • Download the maps into your device according to each area of interest;
  • Consult published thematic maps;
  • Use base maps from different sources (e.g. VANTs images, orthophotos or ESRI Base Maps);
  • Navigation (zoom, pan, etc.);
  • Identify attributes of layers;
  • Geocoding (according to the Locators which are managed by cartography team);
  • Visualization and GPS positioning;
  • SGF Data Cube (with format of lists, ordered, and not a dynamic worksheet format);
  • SGF Events (covers only Events with Geometries, Forms and Photo register);
  • Routing (depends on Network Dataset model created in the Network Analyst);
  • Control of layer visibility;
  • Drawing and measurement tool.

Technical Characteristics

  • We develop GIS solutions in Esri’s ArcGIS platform (www.esri.com), world leader in GIS solutions;
  • The systems are available in WEB, Android and IOS platforms;
  • We provide system in clouds, without infrastructure investments.

INFLOR is the leader on the market for Forest Management systems

Complete technology dedicated on bio-asset management