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Forestry Consultancy

Profitability and competitiveness of organizations, that assures its successful durability, are directly impacted by quality and efficiency of your business processes.

In this context, INFLOR can help your company to develop a proper way to manage your process, applying an aggregated value chain, able to be adjusted through continuous improvements and thereby, remain competitive.

Expertise Areas

Process Analysis

We carry out mapping, models and drawings of forestry processes to improve management.

Using integration with ARIS and SAP NetWeaver, we can deploy business process management quickly and at allow costs, using reference models, best practices, reverse engineering tools and BPM methodology capable to give flexibility to the company and provide alignment between technology and business processes.
This approach, associated to forestry solutions and forestry reference models, has proven to be an efficient set of accelerators to construct and maintain a differentiated solution.

How can we help you:

  • Strategic plannig for Planting, Depletion and Foment activities;
  • Budget Planning/Control.
  • Demand planning
  • Harvest planning
  • Planting planning
  • Nursery planning
  • Silviculture planning
  • Transportation planning and execution
  • Foment
  • Investment budget
  • Investment for maintenance
  • Silviculture
  • Roads
  • Asset maintenance
  • Nursery
  • Harvesting
  • Financing
  • Payable costs

Forest Value Chain

Analysis of forestry process chain of your company using best forestry management practices. The result of this work shows improvements in business process, also in information systems.

We perform diagnosis and benchmarking (GAP analysis) of systematic practices regarding the operation and forest management processes built into INFLOR systems. The results presented aims to contribute with the progress of deployment strategy of a forestry management integrated system, as well as the adoption of best practices and innovations available for the sector.

Your company will clearly understand how an integrated management system operates and supports forestry decision, how it can aid managers to plan and control forestry activities as an efficient, competitive and profitable business.

Therefore, the company may adopt the same practices of the largest and more sucessful forestry organizations in the world, having more process integration and standardization, improving planning, costs traceability and monitoring of management indexes.

PDF (Forestry Director Plan)

A growth strategy based on knowledge, technology and innovation.

Count on INFLOR to support you to build the Forestry Strategic Director Plan of your company and to have an evolution roadmap of forestry processes.

Why choose Forestry PDI?

PDI has the purpose of evaluate the adherence of your current architecture of hardware and software, process automation and telecommunication solutions, along with best practices available in the market. This plan keeps always its future vision towards technology.

What we evaluate:

  • Current architecture of hardware and software
  • Process automation
  • Telecommunication solutions
  • Information and management systems
  • Forestry monitoring

Work methodology

INFLOR is the leader on the market for Forest Management systems

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