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For your company focus its energy on core business, INFLOR offers the structure of an exclusive AMS area. The team is composed by multidisciplinary and experienced talents, having great knowledge in business processes.

The INFLOR AMS model was developed based on the ITIL experience and market’s best practices. Our purpose is to provide services that goes beyond the maintenance vision. Our focus is the customer and his satisfaction. The feedbacks we receive from this point of view, are applied as improvements in processes, rules, operations and services.

INFLOR has its own system for AMS service: the SMS. With SMS, we can manage and control every process activities along its cycle and manage the requests. Through an automated flow, we control everything, since the ticket opening until the final tests made by the users, with traceability of the service and executed activities, registering the user satisfaction at the end of the flow. Our customer also can, through SMS, control and check, in real-time, the current situation of the ticket opened.

Customer Flow Process


AMS Services Details

Clarification of doubts, support the execution of a specific activity, configuration/parameterization in the system. For this category, there are 3 service levels:

1st Level

Receives calls from users when they search for support.

2nd Level

If the ticket could not be solved on 1st Level, it will be forwarded to a team with more knowledge about the issue.

3rd Level

They are experts and they are able to solve the issues unsolved in previous levels.

Solve any errors or interruptions that cause system malfunctioning in production environment.

This service is controlled following SLA (Service Level Agreement) premises.

Development of small improvements that are highly important to system’s functioning.
This item covers services outside of normal working hours to support critical and/or long-duration activities.

This service covers database server monitoring and its installed apps. The following items can be monitored:

  • Transactions (higher consumption);
  • Database queries (higher consumption);
  • Application errors, e.g. incorrect password insertion or service interruption;
  •  CPU Usage;
  • Memory;
  • Space and database increase;
  • File systems size;
  • System alerts;
  • Invalid objects or indexes not created in database;
  • Servers network;
  • Network time spent of the application in the browser;
  • System utilization (quantity of access – daily and monthly).

INFLOR can manage a whole AMS of your company. We control and verify the whole process, services, doubts or complaints. Your company receives every month a status report with information obtained right from SMS. It is also possible to provide all kind of information for analysis meetings.

Opinion of those who decided to transform your business

“I really enjoy working with INFLOR team, because I am always treated with cordiality and pretty fast. They always answer me faster than expected.”

Daniela Torres, StoraEnso Brasil, Supervisor, Forest Planning


Perguntas mais frequentes sobre sistemas para mobilidade da INFLOR

We have both options. According to the customer’s needs, the service can be executed shared and the service security is assured through SLA. There is also the possibility to execute a dedicated service, full time, allocating resources and activities to be executed or during specific periods of time. In this last scenario, the customer may inform the period of time that he will need a resource dedicated and which activities must be executed so INFLOR plans according to the request.
There is no limit of access in SMS. This definition is up to the customer. If the customer allows your employees to open ticket without any internal evaluation, INFLOR will grant access.
When the customer already has a service management system, we create interfaces between both systems. Therefore, we are able to control everything in one place and the customer do not have to stop using his system.
It is also possible to, within SMS, customize different flows for each customer. Thus, we can suit flows for every customer’s needs (e.g. approval levels).

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