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Fortify your IT, focus the energy of your company in core business.

Consolidate the IT services management and improve your project’s produtivity.

SAP Consulting

Upgrade your corporate processes

INFLOR may improve corporate processes with specific solutions developed on SAP platform.
If you already have a SAP solution and you are willing to enhance the corporate management of your company, we develop cockpits related to process automation or integration specialist that will speed up your corporate processes bringing competitive benefits to your business.

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Forestry Consulting

Upgrade your forestry process continuously

INFLOR may improve the performance of your forest management supporting you to choose the best way. Forestry Processes enhancement combined to a Forest Management System usage is the right way to expand your business.

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GIS Professional Services

We develop tailor-made GIS systems for your company

Add more value to your business using full potential from Geographic Information Systems based on ESRI platform. Maximize the productivity of your team generating information with higher quality through INFLOR’s experience from more than 15 years.

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Software Development

INFLOR may systematize your internal processes using solutions for any needs from your company. In order to develop a tailor-made system, it is necessary to understand the real needs from the customer and translate them into a new solution model that adds value to its business.

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AMS (Application Management Service)

The focus is on the customer and on its satisfaction

In order to allow you to focus your company’s efforts on its core business, INFLOR offers the structure of an executive board dedicated to AMS composed by a trained multidisciplinary team with a wide technical experience and full knowledge on business process.

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Improve your results with a higher qualified team

Provide professional development for your collaborators. INFLOR conducts trainings related to business processes or technologies that can be adapted according to the specific target of your company. Choose the model that fits better your needs.

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Opinion from who decided to transform his business

What the customer says

“Congratulations to all of SAP area. Everyone is very attentive. In the last negotiation, the team was very flexible and this made us hire more services from INFLOR”.
Fernando Demuner, Lyptus, APM Controller
“We have a business plan that foresees the deployment of 210.000 hectares of forests all over the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. To do so, we need a forestry management system efficient and robust. We realized that INFLOR has experience in projects for big companies in the country. We are glad with the results of this partnership.”
Márcio Bernardi, Florestal Brasil, Coordinator, Forestry Measurement
“The INFLOR service is very satisfactory. The project manager serves us very well, besides, everyone, especially the management team, are always available to help us and they are very attentive.”
Mario Roberto Andriotti Cezar, CMPC Celulose, Expert in Forestry Control
“INFLOR has an excellent experience and knows the forestry market. The products and services meet our needs very well.”
Joselito Reis Junqueira, CMPC Celulose, Analyst, Forestry Planning
“I really enjoy working with INFLOR team, because I am always treated with cordiality and pretty fast. They always answer me faster than expected.”
Daniela Torres, StoraEnso Brasil, Supervisor, Forest Planning
“After an evaluation process of different companies, we concluded that INFLOR has experience in SAP integration. The company has comproved knowledge in general business processes regarding wood for celulosis factories. Besides, we realized that INFLOR is well positioned in brazilian market, since it has a qualified team of professionals to handle large-escale projects. “
Cláudio Salas, CMPC Celulose, Sub Manager, Development of Administrative Process

Main Cases

Do as the companies that have chosen INFLOR to transform their business.

INFLOR is the leader on the market for Forest Management systems

Complete technology dedicated on bio-asset management