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Our History

Major milestones in the history of INFLOR:

The Beginning

Idealized by Adriano D’el-Rey, Enivanis Vilela and Jayme Sampaio, the company began its activities with only 7 employees, with directed actions for management and forestry information systems, in 2002, for Aracruz Celulose (named today as Fibria). From this scenario, came the name INFLOR, an abbreviation of portuguese words INformações (information) and FLORestais (forestry). The company doubles its size every 1,5 years. At the beginning of 2003, Emerson Pacheco, proprietary of Kernel Solutions, joins INFLOR family, bringing SAP expertise and employees of the company.

2001: August 15h – Foundation.

2002: Started operating in forestry area for Aracruz Celulose (named today as Fibria).

2003: Started operating in GIS and SAP areas. Software factory for Aracruz Celulose.

2004: Started implementing ISO Quality processes; diversification of customer base; development of forestry and environmental management systems for Espírito Santo government.

2005: New customers: Veracel, Brazshipping and VCP; ISO9001:2000 certification; received certification of the only ESRI Forestry Partner in Brazil and receives prize SAP ASUG Impact Awards.

2006: Consolidation on forestry and GIS market, with customers like Stora Enso and Vale. Becomes the only SAP Partner on Espírito Santo. Develops systems for environmental management for the government of Acre state. Also develops for Carpelo. GIS software factory for Vale. Receives prize Top of Business and Top Quality Brazil, for the quality of services and for the IT mark. Begins of CMMi certification activities.

2007: Received the title of ESRI Partner of the Year. Was cited as success case in the report called “Das árvores aos Lares” (From the trees to homes), created by FGV. New customers: Votorantim Group, Águia Branca Group, Vitória City Hall, Arcelor Mittal and Conpacel; was cited as success case in journal “Valor econômico” (Economic value).

2008: Develops Inventory application. SGF system deployment on Uruguay and China. Consolidates customers like Suzano, Cenibra and Vale at the forestry sector. INFLOR is indicated as one of the 3 best Vale suppliers. Acquires participation on ISG Consultancy and Systems , with products for social asset management.

2009: Foundation of IMA enterprise (INFLOR Management & Analytics) for forestry services management, SaaS sector (Software as a Service) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

2010: Receives Gold Qualification and world leadership in forestry sector by ESRI. Develops solutions for Agribusiness based on SAP platform. Launches the SGF product and consolidates customers like Fibria, TTG, CMPC (Brazil and Chile), BSC, Montes del Plata, Eldorado, among others. Starts developing SGF 100% in SAP Platform, case Cenibra.

2011: Goes into sustainable forestry management market through Amata customer. Starts developments of two new products: Agricultural Intelligence System and SGF in SAP NetWeaver platform.

2012: Receives once more the prize SAP ASUG Impact Awards for the case Forestry Management in SAP Platform. Receives from Cenibra the prize of Featured Supplier 2011.

2013: Expands its operations to Europe and Africa through deployment of forestry management solution for Portucel Soporcel Group.

2014: New customers: Asperbrás, Tree Florestal and Plantar Siderurgia. Starts strategic partnerships with Innovatech and BR Gestão Florestal companies. Commercial initiatives for the SGF Start, for small producers.

2015: New customers: Vale do Corisco and Altri. Strong investment in solutions for mobility and indexes management. Receives the prize of best IT supplier of Votorantim Group.

Our Clients

More than 12 million hectares managed by INFOR solutions. Come join us!