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Our Brand

The INFLOR’s mark has born in April 2001 with a strong identity, formed by union of portuguese words INformações (information) and FLORestais (forest). The main objective was to convey through its name a image of a specialized company in information system development for control and management of forestry operations.

In one of the alternatives for the logo mark, we found 3 elements that supports the desire of the mark. The square represents focus and seriousness. The superior blue vertex, like a sky, is the Information Technology (IT) and the inferior vertex, green, represents the forest. The leaf was removed from the center of the square, remaining only its shadow to link both worlds.

Nowadays, INFLOR’s mark is well known for most forestry companies around the world. In 2014, INFLOR’s logo mark was modernized, willing to have greater sintony with the new company phase. The visual identity also came to be represented as a vegetable leaf in high resolution.

Our Clients

More than 12 million hectares managed by INFOR solutions. Come join us!